Show off your Transmog outfits!

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Krispy Kreme 2012
Checking in with ma Xmog.
hahaha whut
mine would look better if it was full t11
rate me my peepz

My priest has like 18 xmog sets ... have a few on my dk and like 5 on my warrior ... just wait till my pally is finished, 2 more items and then i shall unleash it :)
Terryz M.D.
Ulduar non tier plate gear is sweet.
Yeah i just finished that on my dk last week, still need my heroic bvb from ICC 25 to finish it off though :(
Mine took years to complete.
Ezraa: I love the red plate set but your weapon is holding you back!

There are a number of red 1h weapons that would work perfect for you.

Get mogit if you do not already have it from curse.

@banana LOL
BANANACITY takes the #1 spot, sorry Terryz (where's the blood on your outfit?)

I just always liked S3 gear, no idea why... and T6 for my tank set.
<---Changed outfits

NEC: pieces don't quite match so I'm not feelin' it man!

Dacoolist: I really like the coloring of T6 over veng but the models for them are sexy. Bulwark of illi and brutulizer 1h looks awesome. I can't think of what 2h weapon goes best with it tho. I'll have to give that some thought!

Hopefully next week My robe will drop from SW so I can put on my new red set.
everyone ignores me.
Your set has a realistic look to it. It's something I could see a hunter wearing. Therefore, I like it!

See, I'm not ignoring you :)
This is pretty much a premade set, but I think it looks pretty HOT on me:)

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