Proud Father Airlines

Are they good and as big as they like to make themselves out to be?

and what is the overall alliance presence like here, is it active/good? pve or pvp biased?

Top 5 Alliance PVE and PVP server.
I've run battlegrounds with PFA several times over the last few weekends and the games are usually quick and mostly wins

I would gladly join them again in the future for more BGs
05/15/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Digerati
Top 5 Alliance PVE and PVP server.

Czarnick does not like this, we must be #1.
PFA is quite impressive for what they do. The bg leader is pretty focused and they are tireless about getting good premades going. If you want to have fun in pvp then they are the guys. If you are looking to grind honor per hour, then they might not be what you want.
Maybe top 5 Alliance PvE.

No one in the guild is past 2k or even has T2 weapons.
PFA are focused on bg's I believe, don't quote me on it, and now all PvP is, is doing RBG's and getting carried. I salute the people who still do arena.

edit: don't playa hate cow!
PFA is a community more than it is a guild or specific to a server. Their main event is the lv 85 cross-realm battlegrounds they put together and control via the vent server. They don't ask for gear score or experience, but I've gone entire weekends without a single BG loss running with them.

Pop into Alliance side Sargeras on the weekend and you can see the recruitment in trade chat.
Proud Father Airlines this past weekend for Isle of Conquest had nearly 150 people organized and winning. Along with occasional graveyard stomping (HK farming), they use a basic strategy that wins more than the majority of the time. Their leadership is experienced and focused, and they are excellent at organizing PvP. PFA is more of a community than just a Sargeras guild. Hats off to them.
I just found about this last night on the Emerald Dream Trade chat. This is a great idea and hopefully something that Blizz will introduce at some point. I love to PvP but it's so much work and time getting ANY RBG group together, let alone a decent team. Anyway, I hope the extend it beyond just CTA BGs.

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