Enhance PvP Bugs

Just a few things i have noticed that have been irritating me in regards to Enhance PvP Bugs.

1. While chasing a target, right on his tail, in melee range, and cannot hit him because he is out of range. I was right on this Boomkin's cloak, smashing buttons and getting "out of range". I was clearly in range(less than one yard...right on top of him), but it would not let me hit him. I relogged, reloaded UI, and it continues to happen. Another Shaman said he had the same issue.

2. Weapon embue switching is acting strange. I used the macro, and sometimes it cancels MH and places the OH embue on it. I figured it was a reset issue with my macro, so i completely removed the macro and went manual. Even manual switching sometimes places it on the OH instead of the MH.

3. Grounding totem sometimes does not absorb the next casted spell, even in range. Mage casts scorch, my windshear is on CD from interrupting his Polymorph, and i drop grounding totem, right next to me, but it does not absorb the cast.

4. Searing Totem will intermittently stop casting on my target. I have manually dropped it on a frostshock rooted hunter, while his pet was hexed thus not attacking the totem, and it doesnt cast at all. I close the gap, drop it again, and it fires off. The Hunter Disengages, i root him again, and as I get on top of him, i drop the totem, and it does not fire off.

5. Wolves get Howl of Terror'ed by a lock, i drop my Tremor Totem, the wolves stay feared, i remove it from myself. Now, at first, i thought maybe this is a range issue. Shortly thereafter, another Lock casts HoT, and i had JUST popped wolves, so when i dropped tremor, they were literally next to me. Yet, i was removed, and they were not.

Just some issues i was wondering if anyone else has noticed. Oh yeah...what about getting crit in the face by a Fire mage for 68K and i have 4700 resil?!!?!? Wait...havent we all seen that?
these sound like they could all be latency related issues. The difference of when the server thinks it happened and when you client thinks it happened.
1. Sounds like a small amount of latency. If they have a non-combat pet out, that's a good way of judging where they actually are (case in point: leaving the starting gate you'll see pets out in front).

2. Not sure why you'd be switching midcombat. It's usually better (I'm told) to use the global on something else.

3. Haven't had this problem yet, but then again I needed to take a break from enhance pvp a while ago.

4. Derpy totem AI, blame Blizzard for not caring enough to fix it.

5. Never had this happen to me.
1. Could definitely be latency. If not yours then your targets. Main problem is if you have 1/4 of a second latency, and so does the target, then that's 1/2 a second between the 2 of you and that's all that is needed to screw it up.

2. Make sure you use Slot 16 (main) and Slot 17 (offhand) in your macros for weapon imbues. You may already have it, and in that case, I'm at a loss to what the problem is.

3. Sounds like latency again. Basically just bad timing for you because you can see the cast, and react, but on the targets end he has the spell off already.

4. Is just terrible totem AI. Basically do not depend on the totem, ever. It might be nice if it is attacking what you want, but just assume it is not most of the time and try not to let it distract you. Yes, this should have been fixed, basically years ago. Shocker, I know.

5. Is definitely latency again. Like I said for #3, you think they are casting, but in reality the spell has gone off already.
5. Cast tremor totem just before feral spirits when on locks or warriors. Wolves move too fast.
yeah most of the problems are 100% latency problems. it's a known thing that if you try to windshear someone for isntance when their cast is 75 to 90% through, often it will still go through this is because due to latency they have in reality already cast it so you have to lag-lead as it was called back in the day.
Back in the day in certain games like mechwarrior due to latency you'd have to shoot "ahead" of the target in order to actually hit the target because the target would in actuality be a few feet ahead of where you were seeing them due to latency.

This is the same reason why you're right on someone's tail and not hitting them cus you have to laglead them and really be a bit further forward in order to hit them.

I see this issue very clearly playing with my GF side by side on 2 diff computers. We're in a group questing and on my screen I will be running 5 feet ahead of her but on her screen either it'll look like HER toon is ahead of mine or we're around the same place and this is constant/consistent so you can only imagine that's how it is to everyone
Agreed on wolves move too fast and there are some latency issues as well..

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