if your in mop beta

i just have a few questions. how are paladins as awhole shaping up, i know numbers always change, but what about ret's rotation. is it solid or clunky.
also how is holy. does it "feel" right? i have looked over videos of what were are getting, but its hard to get a feel for how the class plays out from just watching those.

basically what im asking, is does the paladin feel clunky, or pretty solid?
I can't speak for the holy side of things because you can't pay me enough to try and heal but I LOVE ret. I'm going back to my pally as my main for MoP after soujourning on a few other toons for Cata, and I can't wait! It's very smooth and flowing, I can't give you numbers because addons are still a no-go in beta but it feels wonderful.
For me holy is like "meh, ok" I can get the job done but I'm bored as hell, which hopefully won't be the case at 90.

Since we lost the passive haste we had, my heals are god awful slow (part is the fact that I have replaced almost none of my holy gear and am still wearing most HDS gear at level 89 - stupid spec specific quest rewards and not finding the armor vendors).

I have no reason to judge anymore since we lost JotP, which feels wrong - not the losing the regen part but judging is kind of a paladin thing and now I feel like a priest is really heavy armor. Also from a regen standpoint, I don't know if its broken or not but it feels really really slow. My character sheet says I should have 6.5k in combat regen but it sure doesn't feel like it. Even out of combat is feels crazy slow.

Heals are crazy expensive, FoL at 89 is somewhere around 18.5k mana iirc. And holy power generation feels like I'm waiting on grass to grow to just generate one point. I have been questing as ret, and the HoPo generation of ret is crazy fast making the playstyle better for me since I hate ret on live because it feels like I am always waiting for something to press and watching timers tick down.

I have my build set up so I have sacred shield and it feels weak, almost like it isn't worth the 9k mana every 30 seconds to maintain it. However, the only other option I would take is Eternal Flame and the HoPo generation rate makes me hate that for every 2 WoGs or LoD, I have to refresh a DoT. I honestly would prefer SS tied to HoPo and EF have a mana cost.

Overall, it feels like holy has really rough edges that need some work. Holy Power generation needs looked at for holy (don't know about prot) and brought closer to the speed ret generates holy power. Regen needs looked at but I think that is a numbers pass thing. Judgement needs to mean something to holy (even if its as simple as letting it generate holy power for us). Outside of seeing raid content, I think we will be competitive at end game and not pigeon holed into one role again.

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