Guild wars 2 rumor: on sale 6/28

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My friend at gamestop said this was close to the date they gave them last month. Release dates until formally announced are placeholders.

Personally, I think that's too soon. Some things need to be ironed out. We still haven't seen a beta with tuned graphics and there are a host of other issues (server side lag, input lag, etc) that need to be looked at. Hell, we have only seen one beta build for those that prepurchased.
I hope so. I am very anxious to see how well they have implemented their vision for this game.
That's old news. Gamestop has had that date up for months now. Since then NCSoft has had their investors call and they've said that GW2 was on schedule to come out in the latter half of the year. Most likely Q3/Q4. Plus having been in the beta I'm very skeptical about a June release. I'd say more likely September. But then again we'll need to see how much they've polished up in the next BWE.

It's sounding really amazing :)
GW2 will NOT be released June 28 anywhere. This isn't speculation or a guess or anything other than a fact.
We haven't had a beta weekend this month have we? =(
05/23/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Tomac
We haven't had a beta weekend this month have we? =(

No BWE for May. It is confirmed.
05/23/2012 09:30 AMPosted by Boxerone
No BWE for May. It is confirmed.

Then we better get two next month! :P
05/23/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Tomac
No BWE for May. It is confirmed.

Then we better get two next month! :P

I guess they considered the stress test for a couple hours last week, May's beta.

I am hoping the next beta build will address many of the issues found in April.
It would be awesome if they released it June 28, but it's definitely not going to happen. The game is actually in a releasable state right now, since the version we played during the beta weekend was not the most current (or optimized) build they have. However, Arenanet still wants to gather data about how the game runs on different hardware, and get more feedback from the testers.

If I had to guess, an August or September release is very likely. They're probably going to ramp up the testing over the summer to get the game polished. That will give them a month or so to get everything boxed up and ready to sell for all the poor pathetic souls still living in 2003. Also, they know the game needs to be released before Mists of Pandaria, since many of their potential customers won't be playing anything but WoW for several months after a new expansion. Mists will likely be released in late November or early December, so Anet needs to get the game live well before then. It would also be wise to get it out before people go back to school, so an August release is highly probable.
I hope so. But any date in July would do the trick for me. I'm taking some time off the job at August. ;-)

If it's not out at the end of July/start of August, I will QQ. :-D
I wont believe any date unless it comes from ArenaNet or NcSoft directly.
Hmm. My birthday. I was going to give it a pass, but if I can get it for free? What the hell.

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