[H]25m 8/8H LF Warlock, Priest, Resto Shaman

Guild Recruitment
Looking for strong ranged players.
lnpt.enjin.com gogo
Currently looking for a few more healer to add to my core.

If you wish to test you metal, and you feel you can play at our level.
I invite you to try out for my core.

Healing officer,
Coffee of choice this morning,
Caramel Drizzle,
As I take my first few sips, I am going over applications,
Still looking for the right healers to join my core.

Healing officer,
We could use a couple solid ranged dps as well. Let's get some good apps rollin in!!!
who is this LNPT that you speak of?? I heard they are a pretty stellar guild...
Another Tuesday night has come and gone,
Dragon soul heroic has been cleared once again. I am very proud of the guild this night.
Keep pushing your selves, the harder we work now the easier it will be for our next progression.

As always if you wish to join our team, Visit our web site and drop in a application, I look forward to reading it.

Healing officer,
still need good ranged.
what he said ^
Any apps out there?

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