I need enchant advice.

Hello. I just purchased a new spell weapon and I'm not sure which enchant will be the optimal for pvp healing. I mostly do bg and arena for fun—nothing serious really.

Here are the weapon enchants I'm thinking:

Power Torrent - Chance to increase intellect by 500 for 12 sec. I had this on my old gavel. But, it seems like the proc rate is rare to see and uncontrollable too.

Exceptional Spellpower - Adds +50 spell power

Exceptional Spirit - Adds +45 spirit - Mana is not an issue for me because I wear pve tsunami trinket.

Or if you have a better suggestion, please tell me.
Thanks for the reply. I made up my mind. I will choose Power Torrent.
Heartsong has been better choice for paladins for a while.

Power Torrent was good at the beginning of Cataclysm, but then again, it's really better for the other healers as they can also use their weapon to dps, so they gain benefit from it.

If you really think you'll be good at timing your divine plea with power torrent procs, up to you. Heartsong is a "put it there and forget about it" enchant.
05/16/2012 08:36 AMPosted by Paintbrush
it's really better for the other healers as they can also use their weapon to dps
wat? huh?

You do realize Intellect is a throughput gain

The throughput aspect of this proc is not really something you should consider, as it can happen anytime in the fight with a 45 seconds ICD, at moments where you have no need to heal anything. It's really the mana return from using divine plea with it that is the key factor.

I just checked on my server, it's pretty much one or the other for top holy paladins. It all comes down to personal preference.

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