4/6 LF Boomy, Hunter, Mage 25m Raiding

Guild Recruitment
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<Of Hells Design> 8/8H is currently recruiting mature, serious, and skilled players for our core raiding. Our Core team raids Tues, Wed, Thurs starting @8:30pm EST and ending between 11:30pm-12am. With the upcoming expac we will be turning our focus to 25man raiding, with secondary 10m runs on the weekend.

OHD is a guild that is a serious raiding guild that focuses on progression but also likes to enjoy a laid back atmosphere. We are made up of strong and like minded players that strive to be at their best. Additionally we also enjoy being very social and a fun guild by developing strong bonds with our guild mates. Whether it be playing WoW, D3, Starcraft, LOL, and other games. We act like family, being there for one another and having loads of fun. Such as running meta achievement raids, PVPing, Questing together, and running dungeons.

With MOP Coming we will be opening our doors to anyone who wishes to join, but if you are looking for a core raiding spot doing current content please look further down the page!!

What we expect from our raiders:
  • Members are expected to always bring their "A game" to raids to help ensure we do our best while working on current progression content.
  • Members are expected to always show up for raids early so that the raid can start on time and leave plenty of time for other measures.
  • Members are expected to always bring all of the necessary items they require for raids; food, flasks, potions, etc.
  • Members are expected to always strive to be the absolute best they can at which ever role/class they play. (ex: Theorycrafting/ testing researched information)
  • Members are expected to always be available for 3 out of 4 raid nights during the week. (Obviously last minute real life changes are acceptable, we just like to know whats going on if possible)
  • Members are expected to always be friendly, helpful, and respectful of other players whether they are in guild or not.

  • Classes and Roles we are currently taking:

    1 Warlock
    1 Boomkin
    1 Hunter
    1-2 Mage

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday: 8:30pm EST
    Wednesday: 8:30pm EST
    Thursday: 8:30pm EST

    Loot System and Rules:
    We currently use an EP/GP based loot system that has a 15% weekly decay and we reward raiders additional points for being on time and donations of goods to the guild bank (with a cap per week). Additionally all new recruits are subject to a two week probation on receiving loot from bosses unless there are items that no one wants/ needs. Additionally all BOE items such as gear, patterns, and boss dropped crafting materials go straight to the guild bank to be sold on the auction house. The only exception is when a particular BOE item is considered BiS or the pattern is usable by a designated player to craft certain items.

    Also, when it comes to raiders being under probation, they are still allowed to accrue EP so that they can build up their priority on our loot system. Lastly, if a MS item drops and isn't needed by the current raiders it will be given to the raider who is on probation(if they need it for their MS) before it goes to OS. We understand that without this, you very well may fall behind the rest of the raid and it can hinder your performance.

    **Loot Probation is only subject to players joining part way through the raiding tier**

    Additional Information:
    If there is anything that hasn't been addressed in this recruitment thread that you may want to know feel free to contact us via our website, email, this thread, in game mail, in game whisper, or real id. The majority of our members can answer any questions you may have, in the event that they cannot they will direct you to where you can find your answer. If you would like to speak to someone in guild management, below this there are the names of whom you may contact.

    Guild Website: http://ofhellsdesign.shivtr.com/
    Guild Email: Ofhellsdesign@gmail.com
    GM: Ysosrslawl (real id: thegod526@gmail.com) Whoopy (real id: halewyse@hotmail.com)
    Skype: Y.so.srs
    Next in Command: Xävïus, Whoopy
    here ya go!
    first night raiding on new realm :P
    wtb moar views plox
    to the top!!
    still need moar views
    bump you agaiN!
    Almost done with DIABLO!! I need to get back to raiding...
    392 Ret 385 Prot

    c.kenney02@yahoo.com (online now)
    392 Ret 385 Prot

    c.kenney02@yahoo.com (online now)

    I wish I would have seen this sooner but ive been so busy today! I will add you and try to talk to you tomorrow evening or if it catch you online now then I'll see what we can do :D
    Changes made for class recruitment

    top plox
    Still need moar
    starting my search again this morning :P
    need moar boomkins and locks :P
    05/23/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Ysosrslawl
    need moar boomkins and locks :P
    Late night still looking
    early early early

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