4/6 LF Boomy, Hunter, Mage 25m Raiding

Guild Recruitment
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where all teh pplz at
yay its friday!!
Saturday morning!!! Where dem healers at???
Doctor who?
Great weekend! Hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well!
top plox
moar moar moar!!!
WTB moar views
still not over 100 views...argh
I think its time to play more Beta
more bumps
hey i came back to wow and im looking for a nice guild to raid i have a warrior and a hunter 85 both getting almost ready to raid not heroic but i can famr until im rdy i´ve been on wow since vanilla have a lot of experience let me know luchocd@gmail.com(in game mail) add me ill be on all day anyways =)
this is my warrior i just need to change 2 pieces but im willing to get rdy as fast as possible let me know
We can talk later on this eve :P
Most of my 85s except one now on Whisperwind :P
lazyboy1698@aol.com afflic lock
Thank God its Friday!!

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