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Hi Blizzard Mobile!

I just want to let you know that I'm super stoked the recent Armory update for Android and I'm glad to finally be able to check out my 3D model on my spiffy Galaxy S II.

Is there any chance that we'll get a Starcraft and/or Diablo profile app as well, so we can check our achievements/ranking/auction house stuff?

More importantly, I had a feature request about the authenticator which I don't think should be too difficult (but I'm no programmer, so rampant speculation!).

The current mobile authenticator has a very.. vague, battle.net but semi-starcraft feel to it by the wispy star business. It'd be nice if we could choose a theme for the game we prefer; SC, Diablo or WoW.

Just a minor suggestion/request. Thanks!
Battle.net has it's own branding. Think of this "vague" star as more akin to an apple with a bite taken out of it or, better yet, a piston.

I half figured, but I also wanted to put the idea out there if it hadn't been suggested.

Thanks for the quick reply, either way!

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