Paladin v.s. ..... ? ? ?

Hey nerds,

I'm not the most experienced in Paladin pvp as allot of you may be. I'm gaining an interest in pvp now and I was wondering what our class nemesis is so when I do random bg's / duels etc, I know what classes to target first or stay away from (other than heals or fc's har har).

Any help would be appreciated.
That's not very helpful
I'm not the most experienced but probably really observant. Here is the one thing that seperates a great pvper from bad ones.

They are a team player.

That's it. You ever wonder why you sometimes see people in 2500 ratings who still backpedal? It is because arena and bg pvp has nothing to do with individual skill but it's team skill.
Hey nerd,

I reccomend not fighting frost mages, it's just not fun alone. Work together with your fellow Horde members to succeed and you just can't lose.

Hope it helps.
Hey nerds,

Get on the blood DK.

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