Tanking Expertise

What would be the best way to raise the expertise rating if none of your gear has it? Should I reforge for, gem for it, get chants for it or simple ignore the low rating(226=7%)? I only ask because I really don't want to sacrifice any vital stats and end up failing even more then I already do.
Expertise isn't a "vital stat". Tanks only take expertise when they want to increase their damage output, since it doesn't affect threat or survivability in a noticeable way (it makes using Word of Glory on cooldown more reliable, but just barely). At your gear level, Glyph of Seal of Truth is all the expertise you need. Focus on survival stats.
Probably the best place if your min/maxing is gems as you can offset the survival stats loss with a socket bonus.

The only chant i can think of trading for experise/hit would be the bracers. Mastery gives more ctc and thus more play room for adding exp/hit so you dont want to lose mastery in any way.

Both the bracer chant and reforging would be zero sum gains due to no bonuses so gemming is probably best.


BUT honestly im poor (wow time is strictly limited lately due to RL) so i usually go by what is most economical.

Generally reforging is cheaper so id reforge for expertise and gem parry/mastery or parry/stamina.

BUT orange and purple gem prices have now crashed on my realm so if the gems are readily available id definitely go with Keen and guardians. Otherwise you might be trading off dodge instead of parry and dodge is more valuable in most situations.

As for chants the bracers-dodge chant is fairly expensive while the hit and expertise alternative chants are dirt cheap.

As to if its worth it? Talk to your healers and assess how well you are surviving. If they feel your squishy or you feel like you are just barely surviving then focus on survival stats. But if survival is NOT an issue then getting more dps stats is fine. If survival is not an issue and raid dps (say enrage wipes on Ultraxion) is, then it could be argued that its optimal.

Only by assessing the needs of the raid and talking to your healers can you determine this, and ONLY YOU (as no one here raids with your guild or know the issues you face) can determine the best course to take.

The key thing is to talk to your healers.

For myself my raid needs damage more than we need me having a minutely larger stamina buffer or SLIGHTLY more avoidance. Im no where close to being two shot and my healers tell me im extremely easy to heal. They do not have mana issues with healing me (healing stupid being a different matter =P) so i find a small amount of exp/hit giving me better results.

For shear numbers if i changed out my reforging for more avoidance it would give me 2.38% more avoidance (ill avoid one in 42 attacks more) and if i remove as much mastery as i could from my gemming (assuming superior quality gems) for stamina it would give me at max 270 more stamina or 4564 hp for that 2.38% additional CTC before buffs (a 2.34% increase).

From your comment about failing im taking it you lack a bit of confidence so you personally are probably best off going for stamina.

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