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Bleeding Hollow
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<Borrowed Time>, a Level 25 Horde guild on US-Bleeding Hollow is recruiting. Formed in WotLK by two progression groups (progression raiding experience dating back to Classic WoW), we address raiding as efficiently and productively as possible; raids occur 3 nights per week, at approximately 3 hours per night. We are looking for additional mature, capable, and dedicated candidates to join our raid groups. We have fun by achieving successful raids, and by maintaining a fairly casual attitude while doing so.

Currently we are running two 10 man groups; Team Epoch on Mondays; Team Alpha on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are also running our 25man on Tuesdays/ Wednesdays and Thursdays. Raid days and times are listed below, as well as group progression for MoP. (All Server Times are EST.)

Team Epoch (10 man): Monday 8:45 pm-12am [Server Time] Raid Lead: Teye
T14: 6/6, 6/6, 4/4 Normal
T14: 1/6 Heroic

Team Alpha (10 man): Wednesday/ Thursday 6pm-9pm [Server Time] Raid Leads: Roil and Rosenstern
T14: starting this week

Borrowed Time (25 man): Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday 8:45 pm-12am [Server Time] Raid Leads: Drezar and Teye
T14: 6/6, 5/6, 3/4 Normal
T14: 1/6 Heroic

Current Openings:
-25 Man Group;

-10 Man Team Alpha;
3x RDPS (Prefer Hunter, Warlock, Elemental Shaman)
1x MDPS (Prefer Frost DK with Tanking offspec)

Even if there is no specific opening for your class/spec, we are always seeking exceptional players; people heavily invested in their class and spec, who know how to maximize their performance, and are capable of consistently proving themselves as superior players. Be prepared to submit logs of a recent raid, so that we can evaluate you as closely as we evaluate our own members. Please indicate in your application which raid you are applying for so that we can have the appropriate people look over your application.

Miscellaneous Info:
* We are always looking for exceptional people, so if you are good at what you do, we might be a good fit for you, and you for us.
* We're looking for skill, experience, maturity, dependability, the ability to take constructive direction, as well as give feedback to the raid.
* You must have a stable computer and internet connection.
* We use a Ventrilo server for communication, and a working microphone is required.
* In many cases where a Vent interview is desired, please coordinate with the Officer-contacts listed below.
* We are an 18+ raiding group.

Additional information is available at:
If you have further questions/concerns, consider contacting one of the Officers listed below!

Points of Contact on US-Bleeding Hollow:
Please feel free to address any questions you may have to the following people in game, or via PM on our forums.

Bump. Also as a note, we will have a tank opening as one of the 25man tanks will be main swapping for MoP.
Possibly got any room for a 6/8H Boomkin?
Congratz on Heroic Spine guys! :) Now just a little Heroic Madness to go !!
Bump for more so we can return to 25s. :)

Awesome job on Spine folks.
This week.....Madness :)
what are the odds of a 403 legendary savior getting a raid spot without guild change
Spine Video :)

Welcome to our newest recruits :) I look forward to seeing you in raid!!!
Bump :D

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