H- <Borrowed Time> 10/25 Man recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
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recruitment is active
Ranged DPS a priority.
Still looking for more to join the Borrowed Time community. If you think a guild should be more than just a name under your character's name, then check out our website: borrowed.timeguild.org for more information.
looking for more dps
please apply within
feel free to talk to an officer
Need more quality, friendly raiders. Prefer both. :D
still recruiting
What are the raid times again?
Be on the front lines as we rebuild the 25man and push content with the 10 man.
Raid times are 8:45- midnight...Tues./Wed./Thurs.
recruiting for more
looking for more dedicated players
Still looking for more to join the Borrowed Time community and push current progression content. Visit our website: borrowed.timeguild.org or contact an officer in-game for more information.
still recruiting

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