H- <Borrowed Time> 10/25 Man recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
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Bump bump.

I'm lonely being the only mage that transferred. :(
room for a ilvl 400 4/8 hm survival hunter? if this interests you my real id is nemi2469@aim.com. Thx!
I do believe we have room :) Also, if you have the ability I would delete your post just because this is a public forum you have listed your real-id on....anyone in the world would have access to it.

That being said I will add you so that we can discuss things more in depth in game.
Bump it up! /hug for mah peeps
Oh hai...Prot Pally :D
Madness killed tonight. We are now 8/8 heroic and looking for more for 25-man in MoP. :)
my guild recently just broke up. im looking for another home for MoP. 406 ilvl rogue and a 397 unholy dk. would like to discuss about transferring if you still have room for mdps.
welcome to the server

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