Hello Ravenholdt!

One of my guild members brought up a while ago that I should name at least one of my Pandarens in MoP "Aerbear." It's a nickname that several people use when referring to me and I thought it would be a cute idea. However, the name on the server is already taken and a GM is unable to give me that name at this time. So I'm attempting to reach out to the owner of the toon "Aerbear" who is currently a level 55 Blood Elf Death Knight, with no talent points assigned. I can only assume that this character isn't played anymore and I would love to purchase the name from you.

If you could contact me via these forums, in-game, or via the TE site, we can arrange for the purchase of the name. I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you!
I already paged a GM and he said that several criteria must be met since they're literally taking a name from another player. And this one didn't hit all of the points needed. Hence, the reason I'm posting to see if I might be able to reach the person who has this name!
yeah...I was once Feralbob prior to coming to this server. Now I am Bobcat. Though I miss my original name, I do like the new one.

Kind of wished I would have thought of going to a GM to see if the could have assisted.
Why would you want a name that teeters on breaking the naming rules for an RP se

[quote="51486425407"]Why would you want a name that teeters on breaking the naming rules for an RP server?

Feralbob breaks the rules? Never knew that. Now in all honesty, I don't get that worked up on names to go reporting people for naming violations. With that said...the same could be said about this name.
Did not need a cut and paste of the TOS, but thanks. Two points, first Feralbob is a name for a feral druid, see no issue with that. Second point, which is more important, the black letter of the law or the spirit of the law?

In my evolution through life, I find that strict adherence to the black letter of the law is not always best, but that the spirit of the law is at times the best course of action. This is my philosophy in enforcing the laws.

The point I am trying to make is that unless the name is obscene, then let things be and follow the spirit of the law or TOS.
Difference in opinions is great, it’s a freedom we all have.

Pulled over a car for expired tag. During the stop, I discovered that it did not have valid insurance. This was confirmed when I called the insurance agent, who replied that she had been their provider for the past 10 years and it has never lapsed before

When I question the driver, he advised that it must have lapsed and advised that had been distracted recently due to his wife's incarceration for possession of !@#$. While talking to him, I see that the driver had three kids in the rear of the car about the ages of 2 yoa.

Knowing that if I write the no insurance ticket, the driver will face $2000.00 in fines and fees and suspension of his license for a year and an expensive impound of his vehicle. If I impounded the vehicle, he would leave him on the side of the road with 3 children. I elected to have him reinstall his insurance while on the stop to avoid that ticket and cited the driver only for expired tag.

This is what I mean by spirit of the law. It’s not based upon who is good and who is bad, but by the totality of circumstances. Young officers follow black letter while it’s the older ones or more relaxed ones who follow the spirit.

This is a game that I play for enjoyment. Getting worked up about naming conventions on a game is not a life’s priority.

Like I said, opinions are great. It leads to interesting conversations, so long as people understand that its merely a conversation.
If someone can ICly explain why their name is something unusual, then I do not see a problem with it. I remember "Squiddlyface". At first, I got high and mighty that the name was against the RP naming policy. Then I read this:

I changed my attitude at that moment. Perhaps you should wait before you judge, hmm?

P.S. I still report names that are obviously against the policy.
It was certainly not my intention to offend any of the RPers on the server by choosing to try to attain the name Aerbear for a Pandaren character. I am sorry if that is the case or if anyone feel it teeters at the edge of the naming policy. For the following reasons, I believe that it does not and that there is no clear line in the naming policy and, as community members, we cannot say that there definitely is. Of course, we can define the ends of the spectrum, but between those are the gray areas were reasonable minds disagree. As with many things, interpretation is a tool applied by subjective minds to reinforce their beliefs.

With that said, I believe that there are various ways that the naming policy can be interpreted. There are entire courses dedicated to statutory interpretation and the tools implemented by authorities to determine the ‘true’ meaning of a statute. Indeed, some canons of statutory interpretation directly contradict each other!

Some interpreters go on a purely textual basis, as you seem to believe should be used in this case. However, even if that is used, the path is far from clear. Words have different meanings and syntax and grammar can cloud meaning. For example, in the naming policy, I will assume (noting right now that it’s an assumption) that your issue with Aerbear is that it is “Partial or Complete Sentence names.” Under this, I would maintain that Aerbear does not break this policy because it is not more than two words. Indeed, Aer is not a dictionary-defined word on its own, so there’s only one word in that name and thus would not constitute “words strung together to create partial or complete sentences.” This is merely an example to show how purporting to apply things equally becomes difficult because interpreting how to apply things is a subjective endeavor.

On the other hand, if your issue is under the “Non-Medieval/Fantasy Character Names,” it would depend on what your definition of a fantasy name is. I would put forth that such a name could be construed as a fantasy name, especially if the backstory and/or RP was written to support it. For example, long ago there was a member of the Ravenholdt community who applied to TE and his name was one that made the officers of the guild wary. As I see Donnelly has noted, once the officers were made aware of his backstory, we accepted the name as an RP name because it was. Before I judge or report the names of others, I urge myself to remember this individual =)

Others, as Bobcat stated, look at the purpose or spirit behind the law. Even so, you can look at the purpose behind the law itself or the purpose behind the law when it was implemented at a certain period in time. As with other tools of interpretation, I’m sure you can see how this quickly becomes a mess and is also far from clear.

There is no ultimate authority except for Blizzard on what may or may not constitute such a naming violation. The rest of us in the community are left to ascertain as best we can whether we feel names align to the stated guidelines. Some may report more often than others and that is certainly their prerogative. As I’ve stated, there are so many ways to interpret the naming policies. It’s not my intention for Aerbear to teeter on the brink at all. And, given the way that I interpret the naming policies, I don’t feel that it does. However, should I be lucky enough to get the name and Blizzard feels that it is a violation, I will accept their decision since theirs is the final say in the matter.

Next, regarding matters on the RP Sanctum: I feel that unless one is intimately aware of the process that the Sanctum Team goes through and the disciplinary procedures we implement, it is unfair to say that you had to point out whatever matter you are speaking of. The Sanctum Team does not believe in public ridicule nor do we act with undue harshness upon minor offenses. Oftentimes, members of the Sanctum are sent PMs by a Moderator if there are issues. I can assure you that in no way do we give preferential treatment to anyone on the Sanctum, nor do we allow them to bypass the rules. Yet, were are merely humans and thus may make mistakes. We are dedicated to serving the community by enforcing Sanctum rules in a respectful and private matter. I hope that this might clear things up somewhat.

In conclusion, this is merely an inquiry into the name. I assure you that the name shall have a logical reason for being such, should I be lucky enough to get it. Even should such not justify the name in your eyes, I hope that I have at least demonstrated the many ways that rules can and are interpreted. I am sorry if you still feel the name totters on the brink of the naming policy, but opinions, as noted by other posters are by nature subjective. There is no clear line here, certainly. So here is to hoping that the name is available and that it is not deemed as violating the naming policy by Blizzard!
Aerana, no offense taken. I understand one wanting to obtain a name that one would like so their character becomes "personal" or "sentimental". I pick names for my hunter's pets with the same belief.

This conversation slipped into a side conversation as to naming conventions and TOS used to guide players in naming their toons. It evolved into a mere difference of opinions about this side conversation.

Goodluck in obtaining the name for your panda. I envy ya because I am still at a loss as to what I plan to name my panda. Though, it will have Bob somewhere in it.
Barring all else, Aer, if you cannot get the name you want, you can always go with something in keeping with Pandaran lore (whatever that constitutes -- haven't really planned on rolling one) and simply use TRP/MRP to assign whatever name/nickname you want to the character.
^^^ Good advice.

Though I plan to go to B rated Chinese movies on Netflicks in search for a name...
I agree that if the name isn't offensive then it can be molded into your roleplay as you see fit.

That being said I too would like to implore a player that has the name Robot to sell this to me. I would love to transfer my gnome mage over- but I am unwilling to name her anything other than robot, so she will live on her old server with her rightful name until further notice.

Her roleplay was adorable- Her TRP name was M.A.G.I. -short for Mechanical Animatronic Gnomish Interface. =< I miss her so. (sadly magi isn't available for naming either).

Best of luck to you Aerbear but I vote you lean towards Oolaki's advice and use the TRP to name her as you wish. =)
I will certainly do that, Oolaki, if I am unable to get the name! Thank you for the advice!

And, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I tend to type more than I probably need to. That was especially the case here and I will perhaps blame taking a class on statutory interpretation this semester and being a little too eager to share!

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