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<The Evolved> GL 25 is a mature group of like minded individuals that are comming together to form a raid team and casual base, to finish up HOF/Terrace and develop chemistry going into Tier 15.

We are a semi hardcore group that is looking to push for realm top 30, not top 5. All of us have lives but also enjoy downing at least normal content pre-nerfs. We all also tend to have multiple alts that we take on alt runs, or replace in main run once we have everything on farm. Most of us can tank, heal, and dps at a high level.

Progression teams run on Tuesday and Saturday nights 8pm and are currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HOF as a guild. The Wed night alt run (8pm) is a little volatile right now, depending on who shows and how many pugs we have. We also run clean up runs on sundays and sometimes mondays.

The Tuesday progression team is currenty looking for 1 healer with a dps offspec (shaman or monk preferred) and a DPS (Currently have Hunter, Mage, Spriest, Warlock) Wed night is made up of some of the core teams alts, and some back-ups on mains, But attendance is not always 100%. Sunday nights we often have to pug a few.

I raid lead on the above nights, and am looking for a back up raid leader, and someone to possibly run raids on the weekends. Due to work I am unable to raid Fri/Sat, and there is quite a bit of interest in a weekend raid team in guild.

I am also looking for someone to run PvP events in guild.

We have a very active casual base that is constantly running old content for achievs, farming, daily running, dungeon running and just adding to an already positive gaming experience.

We have approximately 65 active players, with over 525 characters in guild.

Please contact Falconius, Lyzha, Maginitis, Kiatra, or Tersican on US Lightbringer for any questions or an invite to guild. You can also Check out our website at www.the-evolved@wowstead.com
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you know you want to join our awesomeness!
I'd like to join.
Message me ingame on Drenzy on Tuathadanann.

I just transferred over my rogue and resto druid to Lightbringer and got a new RAF account.
I'll be leveling all classes. I should have at least 7 characters at level 85 by the time MoP is out.
I'll be able to insta-80 a monk. And once MoP is out i'll level all 11 classes to 90 based on priority to the guild.

I can fill any role and would like to raid in MoP. For various reasons i couldn't raid at all until a couple months ago. So even though i don't even have Destroyer's End title on any characters I am very knowledgable of fights, and i adapt and learn quick. I would definitely be an asset to any raiding guild.

Meh, even if you don't invite me to raid, invite me just because i'm super-rad and need some new friends on this realm! :)
Would there be room in your guild family for me and my hubby?

He has a pally tank main, ret off. I am enh main and pvp heal as my offspec. I may go ele pve for MoP but I'm not positive.

We have a few max level alts, and several mid level alts, but we don't need spots for all as I know that a roster can get convoluted with alts :) It's nice to at least make sure people play them on a semi-regular basis first.

We were in a guild on Korial for two or more years, and were members of their main 25 man for Wrath. We started our own ten man raid team for Cata, and moved over to this server mid way to bring our team and start our own guild.

Due to a HUGE move to another town, and essentially starting new lives, we're really busy in an unpredictable sort of way as far as time allotment goes. That being said, currently we are not looking to be a main member of a raid team, but we would love to find an active guild that always has things going on so that we could be casual, but useful, members.

Neither of us mind filling in if we are online and have the time, and are more than willing to help out with any alt runs, achievement runs (etc) when we can. We mostly play for extended periods of time at night.

If you think we would be a good fit for you, let me know and I'll whisper someone in game :)

NOTE: due to the 'big life move' we haven't played on live for a few months and have yet to finish regular DS. It makes me feel dirty not having finished it! D:
Oniko I sent you an ingame mail. I would really like to talk to you about joining us.
Sounds good Falcon. We -just- stepped in the door after getting back from a camping trip, so if I can muster the energy to hop online tonight I'll see if you are around. Otherwise I will be in touch with you tomorrow :)
Bumpity bump bump. Did you know, we even have a token bad guy in the guild!
is that a bad guy? or "that batting guy"?
or did you mean Pavelow???
Hi, I am a returning player after taking a year break. By your description, I am looking for something you guys are offering. I just reactivated my account and am looking to raid but in MoP.

A little about myself, I am a 34 yr old male. Married with kids a full time job with a commute.
I work odd days but mostly always on day shift, so it allows me to raid in the evenings :)
I'll be checking back to see any update or interest.


P.S. Weird to see the name "PaveLow", I flew as a gunner on that thing :)
Hi saw this thread and it sounded like a good guild. I wan returning from a yearlong break from the game. The guild I was in with tonksnatcher seems to have fallen apart. I raided with the character holynightt all the 4.2. Looking to get back into game with a adult guild. Please let me know if you guys are still recruiting. My main is up in the air at the moment.
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