Aeonaxx killed 17:15pm Server Time

For you guys and gals that want to farm the mount Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake from Aeonaxx just a heads up I finally found and killed it this afternoon. Time to reset your spawn timers and good luck.
Hey, I just wanted to let thoughs who are after Aeonaxx know that he spawned on Tuesday the 26th at 8:15pm which i missed out on but was lucky to have him spawn again on Wednesday the 27th at 3:19pm. It was a long 56hrs but well worth it.

The first time he spawned on SW1 below the cracked pillar and the second time he spawned on SW2 well above the stonecore entrance. I can confirm that NPCscan will pick him up if your sitting at NW1 when he spawns on SW2 as a guildie that was with me was alerted by NPCscan from NW1. He does appear to stay on his spawn point making very tight circles up and than back down. His body did appear to despawn after a minute. Good luck hope this was helpful :)

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