Pre pull Guardian w/ 4 pc prot t11

So I just got my prot 4 pc after being lazy for 1 year, and I have been playing around with it on the dummy and it honestly is not making a difference in my DPS during INITIAL burst with cd's at all.

I may be popping wings/zeal at the wrong time during the 45 second duration but My dps is almost lower during the initial CD usage.

How should I be popping wings/zealotry with this 45 second Guardian?
Well, I'm going to pretend you aren't pre potting right now, b/c that complicates the answer.

The simple answer is pop zealotry/wings 25 seconds after GoAK.

The slightly more complicated answer is, you want to get as many guardian stacks built before popping zealotry as you can while still having guardian up for the full duration of zealotry. So really, the answer is pop zealotry when you reach 20 stacks or are 25 sec in, whichever comes first.

As I said, this gets trickier with prepots, because maxing guardian stacks and maxing pot overlap are at odds, but I believe the general thought is to disregard the pot and still wait for those guardian stacks.
Thanks bro

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