Mop Question (holy prism, sacred shield, etc.

Anyone in Beta know how these will work yet?
Are these affected by AP for Ret/Prot? ... because tooltip only talks about Int.

I'm assuming same questions arise for any other similar classes such as shaman/druid.
I think they'll either be fixed numbers (a thing I'm not a fan of), or scale accordingly for example, the dmg part of holy prism could be based on AP, and the healing portion on SP.

Off topic: I'd love it if our final talents had more flavor Execution sentence could work like hand of gul'dan and holy prism like flame orb... Cause if not, Sentence and Prism are basically a HoT or a DoT...
Holy Prism scales off of 109% of spell power (direct effect) and 83% of spell power (periodic effect).

Sacred Shield scales off of 52% of spell power.

So yes, they're indirectly affected by attack power, being that spell power for Ret and Prot is 50% of attack power.

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