Mists of Pandaria 7am GDKP 25th Oct on!

Hi all,

<The Gold Mint™> ( Maxdps + Narwhal + Sugar ) will be having our weekly 25m Mists of Pandaria Raid gdkp run every Thursday and possibly even some other day of the week as well. GDKP'S WILL COMMENCE FROM 25TH OCTOBER 2012! Invites go out from 6:30am server time. Groups are set at 7:15am. Raid commences at 7:40am and goes on till 1:00PM. We push new content and get larger pots to make the runs meaningful and fufilling for us all. We envision 600,000-900,000 gold pots when we farm all zone bosses and some bosses in heroic modes which adds upto 25,000-35,000 gold for each of us in 4-5 hours!

As always, the total gold pot will be split by all 25 members that comprise the raid group who are present at the end, alongwith 1 share to be split among the extras / partially locked.

Having matured as a partly set groups since the beginning of our humble runs from T11 content through t12 Firelands Raids and T13 Dragon Soul raids on the fine realm of Proudmoore, we believe we have what it takes to mount a decent assault on the new tier Raid zones. Be prepared to put in hard work as it isn't faceroll content! While the core are capable, it depends on those that join us on how far we go in. Our raid leads are top quality folks who have been with us for years and you can completely trust them to enable us to clear content.

We plan the run as a time = gold ratio and try to maximise gold the run makes for all 25 to ensure it is viable for them over let's say farming herbs, ore for an equal period of time. We Value Time. All time invested by everyone in the run should be equally matched by the returns. We don't believe in minimum wage but Top Dollar ( well, gold :D ) for your efforts!

MoP Raid GDKP Rules & Regulations in a nutshell.

1. BoP Normal Armor Items** - Minimum Bid 5000 gold. Raises of 1000 gold.
**BoP Normal Trinkets & Weapons - Minimum Bid 10000 gold. Raises of 1000 gold.

BoP Heroic Armor Items** - Minimum Bid 10000 gold. Raises of 1000 gold.
**BoP Heroic Trinkets & Weapons - Minimum Bid 20000 gold. Raises of 1000 gold.

2. BoE Items - Minimum Bid 5000 gold. Raises of 1000 gold.

3. Flasks & buff foods sponsored by Maxdps. Lil Ol' Max also puts in 500 gold (20 GOLD EACH) into the pot EVERY WIPE at boss attempt (if no bosses are downed that run) to ensure you folks have fun and lose nothing more than time during our progression.

4. All gold from every item sold collected into "The Pot".

5. "The Pot" less 5000gold/10000 gold is split evenly among ALL 25 raiders in Groups 1 through 5 PRESENT AT THE END WHEN RAID IS CALLED. A maximum of 1 share (25+1) may be distributed to people who were only there part of the run or waiting the entire duration (in game / on vent-mumble), if the leads and organizers feel they're entitled. The 5000/10000 gold is given to the Raid Leader for their efforts. 5k if under 6 bosses, 10k if 6 or over bosses are downed in the raid from the 14 bosses available.

6. If someone leaves/sits out midway, the incoming player is given the share. No player outside of Groups 1 though 5 is entitled to any share of the total pot except at the Organizers/RaidLeads discretion.

7. Every item is open for all to bid on. BoE bidding is open to even those in Groups 6,7 & 8.

8. If a player is afk multiple times or for a long duration, performs badly, wipes the raid, disconnects often, displays racist / elitist behavior in game and / or on ventrilo, does not even bid on any upgrade for their character ( not necessary to win the bid, but bid a valid minimum amount ) they will be kicked from raid and won't be entitled to any share of the pot.

9. All bids must be paid immediately when winner is traded the item.

10. Invites start at 7:00am and go on through 8:00am when Raid Lead starts finalizing the Groups that will go in. A minimum of 50,000 gold must be SHOWN to Maxdps during Invites, in the trade window by all DPS, note SHOWN - not traded or deposited.

11. Final confirmation of spots is upto Raid Leaders.

12. No spots are guaranteed to anyone.

You are also welcome to >> /join maxdps << in game. It is a private chat channel for gdkp raiders. It is also a good channel to chat with familiar folk when you're questing on your way to Lvl 90 or making groups, etc.

If you would like to join, kindly leave a post in this thread and please mention whether you are tank/dps/heals.

Looking forward to putting the Biggest Panda Hater in his place with all of you fine folks!! <3

/Core players of The Gold Mint™ GDKP

What are the benefits of gdkp runs ?

1. You have no commitment to attend them every week. You only attend what you confirm you can attend. Family > Pixels. If you cannot show up, there is always someone to take your place and 24 people are not incovenienced for it. You have no pressure at all.

2. Make gold doing what YOU love! If you're a raider but don't like the pressure of raiding multiple days a week, several hours daily, a once or twice in a week run which takes down the available content AND nets you 6000 - 30000 gold is certainly something to think about. What's the use of being in hardcore raid guilds that don't complete content before nerf hits ?

3. If you are the lone ranger types, it is a chance to meet some wonderful people just like you. Some of my best real id friends today are from previous gdkp runs. No drama.

4. Pro Raid leaders who make boss fights simple for you. - They are amazing! They constantly direct you what to do, where to stand, etc on vent during the fight. They make the effort to briefly explain you a fight in layman's terms with no abuse or disrespect.

5. Chance to get characters you play well into Current raid content and get the current gear!

***** BASICS *****

-GDKP stands for "Gold-DKP". It can also be known by similar names such as "Gold runs", "GKP runs".
- Everything of value will be auctioned off in raid chat. The highest bidder receives the item and the gold they pay is added to "The Pot".
- "The Pot" keeps growing in value until the end of the run.
- "The Pot" is split evenly at the end of the run to all 25 players in the raid present when the final boss dies. Everyone gets an equal share.
- There is no mainspec > offspec priority, its gold which determines who gets what. But if no one wants the item, is available for the minimum bid. BoE bidding is open to all. You can sell it on AH, it's not a taboo.

***** RULES *****

1. All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items will have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved. No item limit. **There is no extra loot/gold for the raid leader.**

2. Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. If you leave early, you forfeit your share of the pot unless you have pre discussed it before the run with Zariina & Maxdps.

3. In the event a player is AFK for 5minutes, or without notice - or performs poorly*, is unable to connect to ventrilo, "disconnects" often, does not follow Raid Leader's instructions, displays racist/elitist behavior, starts drama or doesn't bid on an obvious upgrade for the character, they may be removed from the raid and forfeit their share of the pot if it continues. It also applies to those being rude to others on ventrilo.

*Denotes performing bad based on current gear, and/or standing in fire, and/or wiping the raid due to a boss mechanic aka being bad.

4. Gold must be **immediately** payable, sorry no IOUs. If you win an auction and refuse to pay you will be kicked and banned from future runs. If a bidder is found to be bidding higher than the money they have they will be kicked from the raid and the bidding on the item will start again.

5. If an item drops which happens to be an upgrade for someone, we expect them to bid the minimum at least. They don't have to outbid someone necessarily, but as a courtesy for those others who are putting in that extra dps for the buyer's share. We won't force anyone to buy anything, but then don't expect to be carried and then not buy anything and yet continue in that run or get an invite back!
Additional FAQ's ONE

Q. What is The Gold Mint™ ?

A. A group of raiders that I will be forming comprised of mains and alts that are capable of downing end game content. We will be raiding 25 man content and focus primarily on New / Current Tier Raid Zones!

Q. What is the purpose and why gdkp ?

A. For raiders who are skilled, to down end game content, gear up fast, and then make large sums of gold to help them as they play World of Warcraft. The schedule is light so that it doesn't involve a large time commitment. The money we make from runs we will split evenly amongst the 25 there. This encourages the experienced players who need no upgrades to come back, thereby enabling a smooth run full of boss kills. Everyone makes something from everything.

Q. How do I apply for a spot ?

A. You contact Maxdps. I will send you a calendar invite. However, Raid spots aren't guaranteed until Raid Leads form the raid group before raid begins.

Is my spot permanent ?

A: Every week has a different signup roster. First come first served. It isn't an implied spot guarantee. If you ask for a spot early on, even right at the end of the previous run, you are almost guaranteed to get one. If you aren't doing SIGNIFICANTLY more dps than the tank, we won't be rude to you, but please improve yourself if you want to be a regular.

Q. Are there any carrier spots ?

A. Everyone is a buyer. There are no special carrier spots. Even the carriers buy upgrades, and people who do spend well, perform well, are always invited back to earn their gold back. For instance, just because The core of the Gold Mint put the run together, it won't mean that they get any special preferences or freebies. We all save gold and are more than willing to spend for upgrades to benefit all 25 in there. All 25 are under the same rule of law.

Q: If I have never come to your run before, and have no experience, should I still sign up?

A: Yes. As long as you can perform, sign up. We sometimes have our core wanting to bring their alts and thus we require a certain class to fill their previous role. Bosses are pretty easy and our Raid Lead takes the effort to explain each fight in detail. Raid Leads take pains to make macros with names and other things. All you have to do is what you're assigned to do.

Q: Will I only be spending gold as a raider ?

A: No. At the end of every run, you make an even share back as well. For example, a 500,000 pot means each of 25 people make 20000gold. The more runs you are in, the more gold you make back. Eventually, you make back all the gold you've spent and more.

Q: Noone bid on a piece of loot. Can I make a lowball offer ?

A: No. You can watch that item being disenchanted. Shards are also auctioned.

Q: Maxdps, you don't use any specific gdkp addon and note all proceeds from loot sales by hand. If you made a mistake what do I do ?

A: I'm a human being. While I take my responsibility to the raid seriously, it may be possible that I miss writing down something or the other, although it has NEVER happened thus far. I encourage you ALL to keep a pen and book beside you to note down all proceeds to be sure that Ol' Uncle Max here isn't pulling a fast one on you! :D If I do make an error, you are welcome to point in out in raid chat / ventrilo politely and I will update the error! I spend 6000-8000 gold every run providing cauldrons and buff foods for total strangers in some cases with no added benefits for myself - that speaks for itself.

I tried to use a gdkp addon but it was all in chinese letters and every copper of my 21 million gold yelled out to me to never take any risks with my account security! :D
Additional FAQ's TWO

Q: Max, what is your role in these runs ?

A:The majority of Invites / decisions for this run are left upto Raid Leads with me playing a Supporting / Administration / PR role. While they have their hands full raid leading and allocating instructions for all trash pulls, boss fights assisted by core members, I collect all the gold, do all the loot, trade the items, keep a tab of all collections, carry out bidding and distribution of loot and distribute the gold evenly to all 25 people at the end. Additionally, I add all raiders to my friends list and invite them so we can start on time and have to arrange healers, tanks and dps at a moment's notice due to latecomers or no shows. This thing takes as much effort as a Lady Gaga concert!

Post raid, we go through recount/skada & world of logs and see who did what dps / hps / tps and screenshot various boss fight meters to make a note of top dps etc for next run's invites. If people REALLY sucked BIGTIME, they won't be invited back until they said they've improved.

Max, I'm signed up on the list but I wasn't taken into raid.

My lists are made to confirm that you are on the list for this run to be considered by the Raid Leader but the final decision rests with them AT RAID INVITES TIME. Runs like these take a lot of planning and organizing and it takes a team of people to make it happen. The raid leaders decided who they want to take in based on [1]prior experience, [2]monster dps and [3]a few with huge amounts of gold that end up financing the raid's time and effort into present content. There are entire guilds that raid 4 nights a week but cant down more than 1 or 2 bosses, but we pug most content and for that to be successful, we must make hard decisions.
I would humbly request you to understand and not take offense if the Raid Leader council decides to take in other people at the present time, as we are doing progression. We <3 you all!


Relax, I have a very stable Internet Service Provider. But sometimes, there are cyclones, storms, heavy rains, earthquakes, power outages which may cause me to be disconnected. With 21 million gold in my account, I don't need to steal iddybiddy pots. Calm down and continue the run. Have the Raid Leads collect the gold thereon and split that evenly. Sometimes I disconnect for 1-5 mins while my ISP server resets. Sometimes it could be Power Outages for upto 8 hrs. When I log back in, you will find your gold in the mail ( if it is a long time ). If you see me online and haven't got your gold and I don't reply to your tells etc, then feel free to open a ticket. <3 I screenshot raid group at the start of the run so I know who to mail or trade!

I love this realm and it's people too much to pull any ridiculous crap! <3

How do Legendary Sales work?

There are two ways to do this.

1. You register with Raid Lead as a Complete buyer and show up for every run and collect all the required item drops for the agreed sum of gold. In this case, you have to show up for all the runs until the legendary is complete as every run has a seperate pot that needs to be maximized. If you miss a run and someone else begins a legendary collection, you get to continue after that person is finished.

2. You don't register as a complete buyer. In this case the required drop items are sold on a single run basis for a fixed price as prescribed from all bosses downed on that raid, if the regular buyer doesn't show up or there are none.
I've always enjoyed reading your FAQ.

A goal I'd like to have for the Thursday run, would be to be ready by week 2 of the release.

Plenty of the raiders have Mains that they may need to focus on the first week - making it hard to get another character to raid ready level 90 2-3days after release.

Maxxxxy Baby, I'd LOVE to go on these GDKP's but I don't have the startup gold to purchase gear initially. Is there anything you can do?

Yes Sir! Following are a list of TCG Mounts that you can buy off ebay as loot cards, go to the wow website - promotion retrieval page, input the code there, select proudmoore as the realm you want it redeemed on, get the in game code, then fly to landro longshot (goblin) at bootybay and redeem the item. Once you have it in your bags, you can meet NPC Maxdps at dwarf district bank steps (identifiable by the Swift Spectral Tiger he is seated upon - although he has variable spawn rates) and make the trade. :)

The GDKP runs, once we start downing bosses, net between 10000 - 40000 gold a run PER PERSON. Over 6 months (24 runs, it adds upto an average of between 300,000 gold per character and can be upto a million gold each).

With Mists of Pandaria releasing soon, it's a good oppurtunity to beef up your gold reserves! Why spend extra time away from your family and force yourself to farm day in and day out ? Simply exercise this option and all you need to do is login 6 hrs a week for raid. You are free from dailies, questing, farming, grinding etc if you don't like to do those and dedicate your game time fully to doing what you LOVE - Raiding!

Following is what I'm offering for the mounts.

Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger + Reins of the Spectral Tiger = 750,000 gold.

X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME + X-51 Nether-Rocket = 210,000 gold.

Wooly White Rhino = 150,000 gold.

Blazing Hippogryph = 90,000 gold.

Mottled Drake = 80,000 gold.

Savage Raptor = 90,000 gold.

Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger = 55,000 gold.

Tabard of the Lightbringer = 125,000 gold.

Amani Dragonhawk = 90,000 gold.

Magic Rooster Egg = 180,000 gold.

White Riding Camel = 150,000 gold.

I've always enjoyed reading your FAQ.

A goal I'd like to have for the Thursday run, would be to be ready by week 2 of the release.

Plenty of the raiders have Mains that they may need to focus on the first week - making it hard to get another character to raid ready level 90 2-3days after release.

Yep! We'll commence runs from Week 3 or 4 of MoP release depending on the grind / heroic gear involved and time needed for raid leads to get boss experience. :)

Invites have been sent to all regulars for the month of September (placeholder), to gauge interest, which I might add, hasn't been lacking so far! :D If you don't see a calendar invite for your desired character, simply post here on that character or pst me in game with that same character you want the invite on (helps copy paste ascii names). <3

max! so ive loved raiding with your guys gdkp ever since i server transfered. however, i got a new job with rotating days off, coupled with needing gems for the legendary quest, so i havent really been able to raid with you guys lately:( ive got quite a few other 85s on proudmoore though. so im wondering if there is a specific class/spec or at least type of player that you find yourself needing typically. im tempted to say either healer or rdps but im not sure which one you need more:P
05/20/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Seetsuma
max! so ive loved raiding with your guys gdkp ever since i server transfered. however, i got a new job with rotating days off, coupled with needing gems for the legendary quest, so i havent really been able to raid with you guys lately:( ive got quite a few other 85s on proudmoore though. so im wondering if there is a specific class/spec or at least type of player that you find yourself needing typically. im tempted to say either healer or rdps but im not sure which one you need more:P

Best chance for raid spot is with Rdps due to 11 spots compared to 5-6 melee spots in the raid setup. :D Heals wouldnt be bad either!
well i have my rogue. but im thinking of healing as a priest, DRUID* or paly:P

Edit denoted by *
05/20/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Seetsuma
well i have my rogue. but im thinking of healing as a priest, shaman or paly:P

Shammy would be awesome. We hardly ever have 1. Pallies are second rare.
shaman and warrior are the 2 classes i refuse to level. so i dont even have a lvl 1 of them:P ive got rogue, druid, paly, priest and dk all at 85. a mage at 75. and a hunter im currently leveling with heirlooms with intent on being 85 before mop. so take your pick and let me know which class and spec, aside from my rogue, youd like me proficient in and ill work on that starting tomorrow:)
05/20/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Realsteel
Shammy would be awesome. We hardly ever have 1

05/20/2012 08:00 PMPosted by Seetsuma
shaman and warrior are the 2 classes i refuse to level

I can see why! <3 :D
05/21/2012 07:59 AMPosted by Maxdps
Shammy would be awesome. We hardly ever have 1

shaman and warrior are the 2 classes i refuse to level

I can see why! <3 :D

right!? haha. but you never answered my question max! lol.

right!? haha. but you never answered my question max! lol.

Any with multiple specs.

Ranged / Heals. :D

Any with multiple specs.

Ranged / Heals. :D

so.... resto druid?
News update

Looks like there will be at least 4 different gdkp's happening during MoP! There's several raid leads that have expressed interest!! :D
I was looking at the most expensive auctions on the AH and seen your name a few times and I was like " how in the heck " ...now I know . Your a very well prepared little gnome ...lol
LF Raid Leaders to lead GDKP's various days / times of the week!

We plan GDKP's to commence within 4-6 weeks of MoP Release!

Get in touch!

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