Looking for a Battered Hilt.

Hey there Balgun, so i have been farming for a Battered Hilt for about 2 weeks now, and in need of some help to get it, i have done the "Clear trash, Reset, and repeat" way. but after 16 days of it, it gets a bit old. i don't have thousands of Gold to spend to buy it off you. but if you happen to find one i am willing to go up to 5k for it, or offer my BS skills to craft you gear. If you would like to farm it with me i don't mind, and if i get the drop i am more than happy to help you get yours too, and yes i will commit to helping you get yours. i have a good bit of free time, but i hate gold farming.

P.S: i am also looking to Run DS. i am also a 387 Dps frost. i want to do the raid and get the achive before MoP and it no longer means anything. im not looking to leave my guild, but i will run most any raids with you as tank or dps. Mail me in game if you need any info.

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