Resto (Enh/ele OS) LF Guild to call Home

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Recent reroll, have gone 3/8HM on my benched priest, aswell as 4/7HM pre-nerf, with 6/7 the week after.

Looking to stay horde, sorry Alliance!

9PM+ start is ideal of me, since I live in Perth, I am 2 hours behind most Oceanic server times.

Cannot raid Tuesday/thursday nights (Unless 11pm+ start). Any other days are fine.

For more info contact me on

Prodikt @ Kil'jaeden, or this Shaman, who is also on Kil'Jaeden

or alternatively, add my Battlenet -
Bump, also have an alliance rogue
<Paint It Blacker> is a 10man horde guild on US Blackrock.

*Healer Priority*
1. Restoration Druid
2. Disc Priest
3. Holy Paladin
4. Restoration Shaman.

*DPS Priority*
1. Hunter
2. Warlock
3. Shadow Priest

We are on a PST server. Raid times are posted in AEST

Monday 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 4pm-6pm
Friday 3pm-7pm

If you can raid around these times but if you would like them altered slightly to fit your schedule better, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

To get in contact with us either email or add to real ID
You could also try to contact someone in our guild. You can talk to anyone in guild and they should be able to point you towards people with a higher rank. Thank you for your time.

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