[A] PST 8/8H 25m LF DPS Druids & Shamans

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Name: Divided by Zero
Server: US-Kil’jaeden PvP, Alliance, LA datacenter, PST server
Format: 25m
Raid Times: 8pm-12am PST Sunday - Thursday
Loot System: Loot council of officers.
Contact: Sturma, Ekiv (Kiv #1231)), Shotime


Divided by Zero was officially founded on March 8, 2012 as an outgrowth of Mors Certa on Kil'jaeden pulling the best and brightest 25m raiders from around the server. Within one month of our start date we went from a scattered 5/8H to 8/8H.

This guild has always been about the future and our eyes are firmly on keeping an outstanding work ethic going into Mists of Pandaria and establishing ourselves as a top tier guild in the first tier of raiding in the new expansion.

We are active on the beta server Gilneas as Divided by Zero. Beta guild recruitment is open and we welcome anyone to come and hang out with us.

Current update on DBZ:

We're currently progressing in beta. We're pushing MoP very hard. We will be a top 50 us guild. This roster is filled with exceptional players, we want to continue to fill the roster with said players. NO spot is guaranteed. Everyone's spot is in jeopardy.

Current Needs:

At this point we're not interested in anyone who wants to come in and grab a title and a mount and jet off before MoP. If you are interested and focused on finding a home for MoP and beyond I would encourage you to apply. We don't care about your gear. We do care about your experience and work ethic.

    Current open spots include:

    Rogue: Immediate spot
    Death Knight:
    DPS: Low
    Blood: Medium
    RET: Medium
    Holy: Low
    Prot: Low
    Shadow: Low
    Healing: Low
    Resto: Immediate spot
    Feral DPS: Very High
    Feral Tank: Low
    Boomkin: Immediate spot
    Resto: Immediate spot
    Enh: Immediate spot
    Ele: High
    All Specs: Medium
    All Specs: Medium
    All Specs: Very High
    DPS: High
    DPS: low
    Healing: low
    Tank: low
Do people still read these realm forums....sometimes i wonder because they get many less views than the other forums, neglected much?, after i finish up lvl 60 in D3 ill post again!
Guess i need to give this forum some lovin...

we are still looking for qualified raiders who can meet and exceed our standards! apply at dividedbyzero.info
Gotta do something while i work and play diablo since we clear in one day. Looking for qualified raiders for our 25man guild. Pushing content where its never been pushed before once mop hits!

apply at dividedbyzero.info , our newly remodelled site.
Just going to drop this hear because we still are looking for qualified raiders. We clear in one night and are looking forward to mop and the progression ahead. apply at dividedbyzero.info
Think im going to just a little here and there. We are still looking actively for qualified raiders that can meet our times and be consistent. Apply at dividedbyzero.info .....now!
If people still read these forums i'd be surprised, prove me wrong! We are still looking for qualified raiders looking for progression in MOP, we already do 1 night clears... apply at dividedbyzero.info
We can work something out, find some common ground. You want to raid, we have a potential spot. If you show us that you are qualified and raid aware we can get this to work. Apply at dividedbyzero.info <---
No it didn't, but it sure didn't help. Apply at dividedbyzero.info before its too late!
Can i wonder how many people visit these server sections as opposed to the regular forums, I dont think its the same amount but none the less. We are looking for qualified raiders for MOP and beyond as well as our one night clears of DS. Apply at dividedbyzero.info
I'm happy I stumbled upon this on the forums. I just posted in another thread I have a 395 Mage 3/8 H, 5/8 H xp. I just left the server "The Forgotten Coast" and came to Horde side on promises of joining a guild. Obviously a fail, I'm really looking for a place to call home to clear out the rest of this content and go strong into MoP with. I tried to talk to Shotime in-game, but I think they were afk. My character's name is Mesansin on the horde side of K'J. (Please don't judge me.) I'd love a chance to chat with you guys.
Can always come talk to me.
oh, i will judge you, so hard.....
o rly
we need a dps dk
Not just DK, but any kind of DPS that is good and dedicated towards progression. We may be interested in you, yes you. Go to Dividedbyzero.info and apply to find out more.
Can i just go look at the post above, yeah i think i will youre not the boss of me.

apply at dividedbyzero.info <=====
up, lf more dps

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