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I love my ASUS Transformer and I thought it was an amazing thing when I could use MyCloud to access my personal pc. However, when I leave the house, even with full access to WIFI, I can not access my PC. The Transformer tells me my computer can't be found or can't be accessed. I downloaded all the software and kept my computer up, running and awake all day. I NEED to be able to access my personal PC from anywhere. Please help.
Can you ping youer personal pc after you leave you house? If you can't do that then there is a routing problem to your PC. This is assuming that you can ping your PC when you are at home.

The routing problem would likely be caused by a router if you had one. If you have a router you need to setup port forwarding to your PC from the Net. Keep in mind that allowing RDP access to your PC from the Net has "HUGE" security risks.

There could be other reasons but for now we need to see if you can even ping your PC from the net.
sorry if this sounds quite obvious but can i access my pc say from town without using the internet. Somethng that my pc and android can connect via rogram not "net" related. or is something like that unaccessible in our present time?
Considering now that this type of computer communication is really risky im not sure i wanna do it via the web considering i wanna do this for checking up on things and playing games.
I use TeamViewer8 for remote access of my PC from an Android device, but even this requires both devices to have a means (modem, wifi, etc.) of processing data over the internet.
Just know upfront that it still isn't viable as a way to play WoW on the road :(

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