<Dishonored> 10 man LF Tank

Area 52
<Dishonored> Has recently broken into 10 mans, 3 of them, and we are looking for a new addition.

We need 1 tank - Bear - DK - Pally, in that order is our pref.

Due to hold ups in 25 mans, our progress isnt as far as we would like but just 1 raid into 10 mans and new boss's are dying. We are 5/6 reg MSV.

Looking for a geared tank, 470+ item level is pref. With MSV exp. A good OS would be nice, but willing to let you MT 1 tank fights.

If interested please visit us @ dishonored.guildlaunch.com and apply
or add me FBG#1831
I'm awesome.
still taking apps
going to start with a 10 man this week as we get more people in. Still taking apps
Chad take me!
05/24/2012 01:07 AMPosted by Slomotions
I'm awesome.
"Takes Fattylumpkins"!
Still recruiting. DPS needed, 1 healer. 25s will be starting soon
06/04/2012 05:53 AMPosted by Châd
Still recruiting. DPS needed, 1 healer. 25s will be starting soon
lock friends are greatly appreciated
Bump for Chad. <3

I applied on your website and would love to join your team. You can pst me in game anytime if you have any further questions. Thanks!
Still Looking for a Tank! and a few last dps, Mage, Ele sham
How about a Boomkin Chad!?!
Dead serious bro.
blah, lol couldnt of said something 2 days ago lol, put ur info on the site, let me see if i can get other boom to go mage or something, im sure i can work it out if you wanna come play in the sand box with me.
I put my application in. I thought when I said "Take me Chad!" you knew that I was ready to come to the sandbox. :P
xfer and real id me favbrwnguy@ gmail.com
Bumping this up for New Info!
So are you open recruitment? I asked an individual in your guild if you were looking for more and was turned away.

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