<OLB> Dragon Soul Sales - 150k for Mount

Greetings Proudmoore! <OLB> is looking to sell Dragon Soul runs. This includes Dragon Soul gear as well as the "Savior of Azeroth" title and mount. Our raids take place Tuesday at 7pm server time. If you're interested in buying, choose which of the runs you'd like to purchase.


* Certain gear is locked out, which we will notify you of.

Buying from <OLB> means that you will get to raid with one of the friendliest (and highly gnomish) teams on the server and obtain your gear/title in a quick and professional manner. Rogues interested in clusters should let us know and we can work something out. Interested parties should contact either myself or Zolee in-game or make a post here and we will be in touch.
Posting on my gnome because he's the cutest.

I love everyone in OLB, come get what you want/need with us. :)

Bumpity <3
bump for this week's run!
bump for more profits
Next week's spot is open, contact us if interested!
Mounts now available!
Bump for Tuesday's run!
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WTB!!!! but need to ask more questions first
Next week, 7/3, is still available!
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Bump for update

Wewt @ lower prices!
Up up and away.

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