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Can anyone till me what ever happened to the Souls of Vengence minis? It was suppose to come out in Ocotober of 2009, but it never happened.
World of Warcraft Miniatures Game Fans,

Please know that we read all of your posts.

Due to production issues, we are currently exploring new production partners in China for WoW Minis. Unfortunately, this has resulted in delays in product and promotional items that will push our release dates into 2010. WoW Minis are unlike any other pre-painted miniature ever released. Finding a partner that can meet and maintain our high standards while delivering a competitive price point to our fans has been a challenge.

We regret any inconvenience or frustration this may cause.


Margeaux Sullivan

World of Warcraft Miniatures Game Brand Manager

As far as I've found, this is the most recent response on the issue. I don't think they're coming out.
Awww....that is to bad. I really love the minis. I kind of like them more than the card game. I hope that they will get back to the minis, but not holding my breath.

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