WTB Magic Rooster Egg

Hey all,
I'm interested in buying the Magic Rooster Egg mount. I've got about 50k atm but I'm pretty good at making gold and I'll be able to up that offer in the next few weeks. Let me know if your selling.
I can bump my offer up to 80k, maybe more. Whisper me in game if your interested.
Can now pay 85k for the magic rooster egg, I'd do more but I simply don't have it atm. If you have it but demand a higher price, whisper me in game and I can find a way to make more gold.
I'll pay more for a rooster
@Nezgral, as would I, if i had more to pay. I'm currently at 95k with another 5k or so of goods. I'll keep raising funds so let me know if you have the mount and are willing to sell, maybe we can make a deal.
Still lookin for the rooster egg, I have 110k gold, plus about another 50-60k in valuables.
I can finally make a halfway decent offer for the magic rooster egg. 200k.
payin 205k here
I have one I will sell you it
I do believe Osim has successfully obtained his Magic Rooster Egg, already. :)
Yes, should have posted this a long time ago, but I did get it, thanks for all who read this thread.

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