(A) Shade Tree Mechagnome10M Guild 3/8 Heroic

Shade Tree Mechagnome is Looking for Members! We are an Alliance guild on Lightbringer, US, which is a Pacific Standard Time realm. STM is guild level 17, swiftly approaching 18, with profession perks such as Working Overtime, and leveling perks such as Fast Track (rank 2) and Mr. Popularity (rank 2).

We are currently looking for 2 FULL time raid members to fill vacancies in our 10 man raid roster. We are in need of one ranged DPS, an elemental shaman with a resto off spec would be ideal but we could also use a warlock or boomkin, and one melee DPS, a frost DK with a tanking off spec would fill the void perfectly.

We are 3/8 Heroic Dragon Soul having killed heroic Morchock, Ultraxion and Yor'sahj, and our current progression fight is Zon'ozz. Our raiding schedule is Wednesdays and Thrusdays from 8PM till 11PM PST (11PM till 2AM EST) with Sundays as our finish/fill in days if needed.

We are a progressivly minded group providing guild repairs AND food and flasks for raid members. The core of our raid group has raided togther since Burning Crusade and have all experienced high levels of progressive content. As such we have high expectations of our raid members, not that they are 'uber leet' but that they come to the raid with solid working knowledge of their class and spec, and that they come prepared to learn new encounters with a good additude.

Shade Tree Mechagnome is also looking ahead into the the brilliant black and white future of World of Warcraft! We are recruiting anyone that is looking for a home for the upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria! Come join a solid group of adult players all with the complete inability to act like adults!

If you have an interest in filling one of our raid vacanices or you'd like a chance to talk to someone in guild, please head to www.shadetreemechagnome.guildomatic.com and fill out an application OR contact Caedyn, Jaeyn or Paeynn in game anytime!

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