389Blood/391UH DK LF weekday guild 5/8hm exp

I am currently looking for a weekday raiding guild to fit my schedule. Times don't matter just so long as days arent Friday-Sunday. I maximize my character to its fullest potential and am a good listener. I currently RL on my main so I know the deal.
You can find me on this char as well.
We would love to have you app and try out for us. We raid tuesdays and wednesdays 7:30-10:30 server and regularly do 5/8hm.

Please feel free to visit our site at www.incendiarylegion.com... we have cookies :)

(Did I mention that flasks and feasts are provided?)
We are currently 6/8 HM in our 10 and 25 man raids. We raid tue-thurs 8pm -12. We currently have been having 25 man raiding issues due to Diablo 3 release and attendance so we have been running 2-10 mans which always go 6/8 and currently both groups working on heroic spine then madness. We really need good healers and prefer ranged caster dps but we will try anybody that knows fights including tanks. If you are interested you can contact anyone in Dominion and they will let GM or one of our officers know. Or u can add me and just pst me anytime I am on.

Email: cb558781@yahoo.com

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