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Jugofmilk is ________.
a supernatural genuis.
I would like to try out healing once again, I am 389 resto sham, and 399 enh sham. I am looking for a guild that does like to goof off a bit, but only between bosses, but knows how to get it done.
We will review your application. ty for taking the time to apply.
LF resto shammy with mage offspc that has a good boomkin markman set.
Hello 404 hpally here LF hardmode active raiding guild.
Current Progression:
BoT: 5/5 HM
TotFW: 2/2 HM
BWD: 6/6
Firelands: 7/7 HM
Dragon Soul: 5/8 HM

I just got back into this game 2 weeks ago after a break from the FL teir and i am ready a willing to server transfer to get some hardmode progression down. My raid attendance back in previous guilds has been 100% never missed a raid day... and I am just there to have fun if you have any futher questions to ask me about my class and spec feel free to add my RI

Sorry man. Full on holy pallies... Only really healing class we can't have... not even a extra one.
Jugofmilk is a beast and ______.
402 Fire mage with the legendary staff. currently 6/8H ds 10. with many attempts on spine

i am available sunday monday tuesday thursday and saturday nights. add my real ID or email me at bradkendal@hotmail.com if interested
So you can't raid on wed.... hmmm...
Looking for Mages, Rogues, Boomkins, Hunters, and Resto Shamans.

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