8/8HM 401 Ret lf raiding and pvp guild

If you were interested by the title you have the gist of it.

I am a veteran player, going on 7 years. I've held raid positions in all functions, whether that be raid leader, class leader, tank, healer or damage (ranged and melee). I consider myself to be quite competent and astute. I enjoy the challenge raiding offers and like to be efficiently successful; however I am a student and do not have the luxury of devoting irrational amounts of time to the game so I am limited to a 2 raid night per week schedule, not including weekends.

I enjoy pvp of all sorts with world pvp taking the top slot as my favorite. Large scale guild battles at Halaa bring some pretty awesome memories. Lately I have not had the opportunity to be included in any rbgs or well rated arena teams and am looking for that opportunity continuing into MoP.

If you are looking for a smart, relaxed player for a one or two night per week raid team and have an active pvp contingent in your guild, do reply or get with me in game.
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