Trouble with certain classes.

I am having trouble with certain classes, being able to heal through their dmg. My armory may not show up properly, but im resting at just about 3900 resil. I know it is still kinda low but it seems like against, shadow priests, mages of any kind, and dk's it doesnt't matter what I have. They seem to just rip through me. Any tips/suggestions?
Number one tip would be: If you can't beat them, avoid them.
Easiest way would be to use Line of Sight to your advantage, Hand of Freedom is your best friend on all of those classes when they try to restrict your movement.

Priest, I also have a real hard time against any priest because of their fear, mana burn, mass dispelling bubbles. Be sure to dispel their dots off you, LoS them the best you can.

arcane mages will typically try to burst all their cool downs and try to end it fast, so bubble through it, never pop wings on them, LoS as always, guardian may be necessarily
Frost mages, constantly be popping your hand of freedom when availible, and dispel all the slow effects when its on cool down
Fire....never really came across any fire mages in arena, would imagine it would be about the same as arcane

DKs, when they death grip you return them with a hammer of justice and get away from them, dispel chains / hand of freedom, and keep your distance
with dks when I play holy (this usually goes for compentent unholy dks) but you have to use your globals wisely you have to decide if you should dispell yourself or holy shock the point is to keep necrotics as low as possible usually I make my decision based on how much los there is around me if I dispell i can get some los and get off a flash heal or so if i dont have any or limited los I holy shock myself to try and proc infusion of light remember to fear the dks pets when its enraged if he summons gargoyle fear the gargoyle over the ghoul

make sure you put glyph of turn evil in your last major slot of course other wise the turn evil fear wont be instant

frost dks I never really have trouble with dont let them get a hungering cold of you have an interrupt use it wisely dont pop aura mastery unless you know his death grip is on cooldown or ghoul stun if unholy

I wont talk about the priest mage situation cause I think Tsuyayaka summed it up pretty well

also mana burn isn't op even though u didn't mention it please don't continue the trend of holy pallys making mana burn threads

edit: I might of made a mistake somewhere here in this post please feel free to correct any of my points

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