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Returning vanilla, TBC and WotLK player/raider looking for a new server and a new casual guild, 10man if possible, I get a little lost in 25man guilds. Currently playing on my 85 (iLVL 375) fire mage, also have an 85 shammy and druid. Would love to finish cata content, run old dungeons/raids for transmog gear/achievements and move into MoP with a guild.

Currently on Nagrand, not loving it anymore, no problem moving to a new server, or staying.

Able to play any time but would prefer a casual raid roster.

how casual you thinking? were a new guild just getting groups together, and group 2(needs alittle of everything) is looking for more bodies.
raid would be 5pm-7pm thurs, and sat..
That sounds perfect actually! Especially the raid times. I can bring a nicely geared mage for DPS or will happily lvl this priest up for heals.

I actually was thinking of transferring to Kaz'Goroth too so that is even more perfect! :D
Also check out The Brew Crew, on Gundrak... we are a happy, friendly, casual guild.

We raid old and new content. Raid groups can change depending on who is 'up for it' and timing (some of us have young kids etc...). There's always someone wanting to do something and it's easy to join a group, if you're interested.
Hi Bixy!

<Sanctuarium> on Barthilas is also looking for new members! We're a new, still smallish (~30 active members) with a tight knit close community. We have a lot of new 85's and run older cata normals/heroics together for guild xp/gear/fun!

Currently getting a raid team together, have about 7/10 so far and we're hoping to start early next month on Thursday nights, around 6.30-9.30. (With a possible extra Monday night depending on how everyones feeling) However we will probably be starting off with T11 or maybe T12 stuff before jumping straight into Dragon Soul, as most of our players are inexperienced raiders who we're hoping to teach. Have vent, and a guild website is in the works =]

If you're interested jump on an alt and shoot a whisper to myself or Kilawatt. Hope to see you soon!
Kia Ora Bixy,

Welcome back! It is awesome to see more folks returning.

Naku noa, na


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