[H] 8/8 HM DS25: US 218 - LFM for MoP

Guild Recruitment
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** Recruitment video!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE9egkNkBPI
** Featured on WoW Insider!: http://wow.joystiq.com/2012/08/08/new-attitude-new-home-the-warm-fuzzy-tale-of-the-guild-realm

8/8 H DS 25 - US 218nd
6/7 HM t12
10/13 H t11
US 208th Light of Dawn pre 4.0

What we need from you:
- Be motivated to be the best. If you aren't, and do not care that much, you aren't going to do that well.
- Have 100% dedication to playing your character and class
- Be RELIABLE, we need you to attend almost every raid. In the events that you can't attend we need to know in advance.
- Have a microphone and not be afraid to use it. We do not type to communicate as it wastes time

You will receive criticism when you make mistakes, sometimes it will be harsh, but you must be able to take this and improve. If you are going to go and cry to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom when someone tells you that you did something wrong, we are not the place for you.

What you can expect from us:
- A disciplined and hardcore raid environment, as a guild our focus will be on being #1 and anything else is falling short.
- A social environment, for most of our members that is one of the biggest draws of this game. So you will find people on at all times, many of us play different games as well. Our guild may be predicated around raiding but we want a family type atmosphere (although that of a dysfunctional one) and do want interaction and interests to go beyond raiding.

Bless the Martyr in the News

High Priority
Healers, preferably resto shaman/holy priest
Monk re-rolls

However recruitment is open for MOP so we are recruiting all the things!

Standard raid schedule:
8:30-12:00 EST

GM & RL: B_widner@hotmail.com
Recruitment lead: anonpferd@gmail.com

or email blessthemartyrguild@gmail.com
or a third option via txt 773-915-3643

If you prefer to speak with someone on the server, pst any officer in game:
Meows/Pathosìs, Worldboss/Blítzkrieg, or Veiled

Apply at
I think you MIGHT be safe to remove the shadowy thing
I did it because I'm a boss.
Nighty night
Well, my mailman is officially a jerk. He never even came to the door to deliver my books, he just put a "sorry we missed you!" notice in the mail.
!@#$ fire chain mobs in D3. Seriously, what sadist thought those up?
Once upon a time, there was a lonely blacksmith named Edgar.
He had been crafting armor for 20 years in his village, and was revered by all who stopped at his shop during their journeys.
But the hard iron and hot flames of his work did nothing to soothe the ache in his heart.
So as the dawn peaked over the village one day, he packed his things in preparation to make his own journey.
Edgar had heard of a distant land to the east, a place full of wonder and fortune, and he hoped to find what would ease his soul there.
what became of edgar?
Having little experience with adventuring beyond his own home, the blacksmith relied upon his good sense and stories from the people he'd met. The road was long, and arduous, but he encountered many beautiful and awe-inspiring things.
One of these things was a lake, nestled in an alcove near the top of a great mountain. There he learned things he believed to be myths did indeed exist outside of the great tales of adventurers.
For at this lake, he encountered an enchantress, who asked why he was so far from home, and promised him he would find the answer to his problem if he carried out a task for her upon reaching the great land in the east.
Many years ago, she had met a strange young man that she believed to possess great power, but fate had pulled them apart.
She asked Edgar to find this man, and deliver to him an artifact he had been seeking.
So now nestled among Edgar's things was a very small box, wrapped in a silk cloth of deep purple. It felt strangely heavy, not in weight, but in his mind.
As he drew nearer to his destination, his thoughts were plagued by this curious box. Even in sleep he could not escape the desire to open it, and wield whatever strange power it seemed to contain.

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