[H] 8/8 HM DS25: US 218 - LFM for MoP

Guild Recruitment
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Dont do it edgar!
By the time he reached the towering jade walls of the city he'd been seeking, the blacksmith was, to say the least, troubled. There wasn't a thought that didn't revolve around the strange item, and his hands had taken up a nervous shaking as if wanting to free themselves of what little will he had left.
Dis be bad omens
He pressed on however, and the wonder of the great city was almost enough to push that burning to the back of his mind. All around Edgar were things he had never even dreamed of, and the people varied from the elegantly dressed to the plain garb of what he knew to be holy warriors.
But how was he to find the man the enchantress spoke of? As much as his heart desired the strange object she'd given him, he was also dreadfully eager to be rid of it. Edgar was all too aware of the intent stares from those around him, obviously taking note of his almost-deranged state.
He figured the best course of action was to find a place to sleep and begin his search the next morning. The blacksmith was bone tired from traveling, and of course, the drain on him presented by the burden in his packs.
whats in them!
I hurd u wuz lokin for sum deepz.
Not bad hunters
Says Worldboss of BTM.
Yes says the shadow priest who has been playing the priest for 1 tier, and already has multiple parses on current heroic content.

HAWK YOU'RE GETTING CARRIED, as always thanks for the chance to laugh at you.
You mean 1 parse... with DI, Power Infusion, and Tricks of the Trade. Grats, takes all those buffs to get you to rank, and still only did 48k.

Watch the video carefully before you talk. Ship was taking too much damage, I was part of a soaking group. Their #1 rule was do not hesitate when moving to blasts, so I didn't. Group hesitated, I died.
Insult... invalid.
oh is it only one now? ah they must have fallen off, yep takes the standard buffs to rank.
It's cute how its now others faults....seriously find some friends, go out in the sun, its a holiday weekend and it's nice out...I love when people try to troll their old guilds it's so amusing.
Wow wtf my last two posts are gone. -.-
where did they go
Happy Memorial day, please remember those who fought for our freedom today and more importantly those who died defending it.
You write the next part!

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