[H] 8/8 HM DS25: US 218 - LFM for MoP

Guild Recruitment
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Yay for resetting paladin's UI...
hate all the people
Still looking for great additions to our guild.
Rocco is so proper!
Fed poppy and akali on the same team is unfair
I hate when I lose my lane to someone who is terrible because someone else fed them
Happy Father's Day all you dad people
wtf league STILL down
it's fixed nao
yeah hours too late to play
People at work make me laugh....notes ona clients account, talked to some lady, wanted to order....wtf really?
don't you affssfd me
I will when I post more than you while I am at work.

Ret Paladin
Unholy DK
Resto Shaman or Resto Druid

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