Best US Horde realm for PvP

I am looking for xfer out from darkspear horde. Have been told to go alliance for the pvp I really hate how humans move and Undead is the most badass race in-game.

I want to go to a horde realm where there is a lot of good pvpers and not full of pve crap like darspear horde.

Any ideas?
Illidan hands down.
Illidan or Mal'Ganis are both good pvp servers for horde. Don't worry about the achievements, just because there are alot of good pvpers on a server doesnt mean that absolutely no-one on the server is mediocre or even bad. If you dont have achievements, all it means is you're going to have to grind it out with the underdogs to play with the better players.
05/18/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Cøntaminated
Be warned, if you don't have very many acheives and you transfer to the best Horde realm finding a team will be very difficult.

Achievements aren't their biggest concern. And you will definitely be able to find a team, just not be paired with the best players starting out.
05/18/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Chin
Illidan or Mal'Ganis are both good pvp servers for horde.
Thanks. First season playing and doing serious arena, 1930 rated atm. Hit 85 at the end of s10, just looking for more skilled players.
Illidan is very good for horde just not sure if you want a full realm, you may have to wait to get in. If not I heard Blackrock is very good as well.
If you come to malganis I will troll you and make your life miserable. It's what I do with all the probies.
lmao! did someone mention forgotten coast alongside illidan etc? LOLzzzzzz u must be trollin' son!
The forgotten coast is def not on that list, Illidan hands down, TFC is trash now i just transferred off of it
i like illidan BUT emerald dream is nice too.
no just stay on darkspear but go ally
illidans got lotsa pvpers but EVEN MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE PVERS
30% PVP 70% PVE id say
horde are still better no matter what sure we lost a couple of bg's but we willl always be better

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