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I just thought I'd toss this idea out there. I think that when a person is either searching for or creating a post for guild recruitment there should be criteria that you can click on to more narrow your search. ie

Boxes to click for:
Alliance or horde
25 or 10
Days and times you're looking to be raiding
Heroic or reg
Which classes you're looking for or which character you are looking to find a new guild for.


I find that if you had these options in the advanced search bar and also in the new thread area it would help in getting people noticed in what they're looking for and also possibly (this is for Blizz bc I don't care) stop people from bumping up their posts.

Any other thoughts on this idea?
Very good idea, posts get buried alive in here =)
Thanks! I'd like to be able to do a quick search for guilds not comb through almost every post that looks like it has potential lol
Agreed and signed!

It would also be nice to have one forum listing for GUILDS and another for PLAYERS.

my 2c.
That's a great idea too! Blizz see this post pls! lol
So basically something that does a similar classification that the in-game LFG system provides but here on the forums? Not bad at all ... in fact, the more I ponder over it the more I think this may have some powerful potential.

Taking from a Google Group, instead of creating multiple threads, they could apply TAGs, pre-designed with the same (or similar) setup as mentioned above. Each OP applies the tags and then with a SIMPLE (must be simple or it won't work) interface, anyone visiting can filter out or in for the specific tags. This would still allow for those that want to "see it all" to browse but those that are very specific on what they are looking for can find it without requiring the OPs (recruiters and players) to post in different areas and/or pick which forum to post under. The negative is that someone could just click all the TAGs but you could also put limits and/or prevent counter TAGs (Alliance vs Horde, etc.). You may still get buried in the unfiltered group but in a filtered group, unless EVERYONE is posting (like the very progressive guilds), you should survive a time ... and it would make discovery a lot easier.

Whatever the case, I agree wholeheartedly that some rework would help this forum. I believe the Guild Recruitment threads is a strong area, used by all levels of players. Enhancing its functionality could have a very positive community impact across servers. The right people getting together with the right fitting guilds is vital to the game's growth.

Huge Kudos to Rlena for the post!!!
Just to keep this idea alive ... don't want it to get buried like everything else :)
it's a shame hasn't been updated since T11. That was a great recruitment site that pretty much had everything people were looking for here.
Lets do this!
Thanks for the kudos! Blizz please consider this. thx
Have you tried posting this in other forums as well. This is a great idea maybe it will get more steam rolling.
Not only are we in need of a forum Revamp, we are also in desperate need some good revamping of the Guild Finder In-Game. Even just a search option would be nice, instead of scrolling through countless Guilds just to find your own.
Requested for sticky
That IS a GREAT idea! Simplifying anything as much as possible has to improve its efficiency.
Perhaps along the idea of using boxes, they could have the posts catagorized (and sub-catagorized) more specifically. Then under the advanced option give a list of the main catagories, each with multiple choice selections of which sub-catagory you want. IE:

Main Catagory: Guild Recruitment Forum
1- Guild Posts (Guilds looking to recruit new members)
2- Player Posts (Players looking for a guild to join)

Sub-Catagory: Server
1- US
2- EU

Sub-Catagory: Realm
(blank txt box to fill in the name of your realm)

Sub-Catagory: Guild Interests
1- General (Any)
2- Raiding
3- PvP
4- PvE
5- Questing
6- Social
7- Specific Guild by Name

something like that, or similar, maybe something like the way ebay is set up to search for item listings, where you can do an initial search string, and then have more specific choices to
select from, relevant to your search (different sub-catagories falling under the search results) to eliminate having to scroll through extra unwanted results and save a lot of time. Not sure
how good that explanation of ebay's search/listings is, but I'm sure most have used ebay
before and should know what I'm talking about. Seems like I've seen discussion forums set up
in a similar way that made it a lot easier to find exactly what kind of threads you're looking for.
Not scrolling through hundreds of different posts all under some vague list title trying to find the couple that are actually discussing what you want to discuss. In agreement with Tcheekiin,
it should be SIMPLE, as SIMPLE as possible, just as your initial post simplified the idea for explanation, Rlena.. Not like my over-analyzed, poorly over-explained attempt of a post here..lolz :)
I also requested this one for sticky btw
Excellent Ezrahm ... keep the ideas coming or at least the bumps/sticky requests!!!
They should fix there in game LFguild tool first. Guilds that do not raid but check the box that they are a raiding guild is an epic fail. Yes small guilds that are getting going will cry about not being able to post themselves as a raiding guild or a Rated BG guild will get pissed off however tough cookies. No matter what option in game you select you get the same 1000 guilds on the server. If you select Raiding you should only get the guilds that are raiding the Cata content, Wraith, BC or Vanilla does not count.

Same goes with BGs, if you dont have a RBG win you do not get to list yourself.

Sorry guilds out there that think that everything should be handed to them. You need to earn the right to post your guild as raiding or RBG. I started a guild with my friends who came back to WoW from SWTOR and we are already raiding with 9 or 10 guilds everytime we step into one. We are talking about doing just 10 man normal DS until Mist come out. How did we do it? Simple we didnt start the guild with 1 or 2 people. We started with 5 to 10 people that also brought friends. We also recruited and got people that want to do the same as us until mist come out.

o OP I think you should have 3 forums for which you can post your guild. Social, Raiding Rated PVP. If you have not killed a single boss as a guild (8/10 or 17/25) you can not post your guild recruitment message in that forum, same goes for the Rated PVP. If you dont it just turns into a mash of everyone posting like this forum.
Excellent idea, but don't make the realm part restrictive, the idea of this forum is to recruit inter-servers, for your own realm you can use your realm forum. And have it simple would be nice like:
I'm glad this has received such a great response! I also very much agree with the in game guild finder. That thing sucks. Not only that but even if you do app to one of those the people in the guild never check to see if anyone even has a pending "app".

As far as making the guild finder better, especially the part about listing your guild as PVE or PVP, I very much agree. This is how Blizzard can solve this: For PvE guilds take the average item level score of all high level players that are listed as some sort of raiding status (rank in guild) and use that average item score of all high level raiders in order to verify that this guild does raid and on the finder it will tell the person looking at the guild this information and which raids and difficulty level this guild qualifies for. I think any additional info can be received from guild websites etc.

For PvP: use the same logic for gear but instead use the average amount of resist players have. This one will be more tricky due to twinks etc. To solve this issue, the person that lists their guild on the guild finder may select which levels their guild is actively pvping in. So if you're a twink guild focusing on 10-19 then select that option to filter out all other levels. That way when a twink or high level PvPer is looking in the guild finder they can filter out the PvP guilds they're not interested in to focus on the ones that they may want to join.

Any more idea's on this?
Hey guys,

Let's get the word about this to Blizzard. Even if you don't want to respond on the forum, letting Blizz know that you think this idea has something to it is just as great. The request sticky button is on the top right hand side of the page.

Thanks guys! Keep the ideas coming!
any more ideas?

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