average number of dispels for hpally in RBGS?

recently in my team were complaining about dispels and say i shud be doing around 200.

I thought dispels were primarily a disc priests job. i only dispel "noticeable" ccs or slows on Fcs. Cuz i don't have any hots i usually dont dispel as much to avoid Uas and spriest fear.

and dispels cost extra mana which i am already not managing well.

If i am suppose to do more dispels any tips wud be appreciated.
Amount of dispells you do is not a specific number.

If you're on a Caputre the Flag map you will do very little as you will be with the FC 90% of the game. Playing Gilneas or Eye of the Storm you will do a few more.

But you pretty much nailed your job.
Disc priests are brought along for shields and dispells for the occassional big heals.
Holy pallies are brought for big heals with the occassional dispell on big things like sheeps and fears that MD misses.

RBGs are cluster !@#$s where the priest will be spamming MD over the top of to get 90% of dispells.

As long as the FC isnt dying in their rushes and youre keeping him mobile you're doing fine.
You should be dispelling cc off the other healers as well, but other than that dispelling is primarily the job of the priest (mass dispel or two magical effects at once with "regular" defensive dispel; can glyph to heal on dispel) and shaman (spec to heal on dispel).
It's not really a paladin's job to dispel in RBGs, aside from UA silences off a priest. Your dispels are the most costly and useless of all the healing classes (not that cleanse is useless, just that other classes get more bang for their buck). They waste your globals and you can't spam them while you have HoTs rolling the way other classes can. 200+ is a number a priest should be around, not a Paladin. Should you be filling time between heals with them? Yeah. But there are other classes better suited for this than Paladins.
The other guys have said it well... in flag RBG maps, you dispel yourself, the FC, and the FC's other healers... but you should notice disc priests getting more dispels than yourself (on ANY map). Don't worry about the number too much.

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