Need help with gear, enchants, gems and stuff

Hi, so I pvp with this pally. That's all I do. It takes an army to bring me down but at the same time my dps is really low. Usually near the bottom of the dps classes. Can you guys check out my stuff make sure im doing it right? Im about to reforge everything back to crit away from mastery to see if that helps. But is my spec ok? glyhs ok? gems? ect ect.

Thanks in advance!
If it takes an army to take down a 3.4k res ret paladin then your opponents are really lame.

Other then that your glyphs suck besides TV, you should never gem a pure secondary stat, and you're missing 4 enchants. You've also opted not to use your 3rd +67 strength gem unless I'm missing it. Not entirely sure which glyphs you should go for, but it's probably exo, and SoT. WoG is also another one that people will take for better surv.

Landslide is meh for PvP, but for random BGs it's hit and miss. You'll get more damage out of it, but when you get disarmed it blows. If you take PvP seriously you should use a weapon chain.

Crit is more for burst damage, setting up kills, and better WoG healing. Mastery is for more consistent damage. Since you basically just random BG I would go for mastery over crit. Crit will just make your damage spike a lot.

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