RealID friends and the Mobile armory?

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Good morning Mobile peeps, I've got a question for you. I've got the mobile armory on my android phone, and it's amazing. With a little finagling, I have it set up so that I am logged in 100% of the time, so guildies can /w me whenever, wherever I am.

My question is, then: Will we ever see the same kind of functionality for RealID friends?
My reasons for asking are twofold:

1) I'm realID friends with all my officers; and whenever they /w me from realID, it does not work, even though they're in my guild.

2) I have realID friends that are not in my guild, but the always-on chat sounds like it would be really cool. Imagine, one of your realID friends send out a broadcast, and I see it on my phone.

All that being said, I LOVE the app, keep up the great work.
This is something we'd like to do.
Been waiting on the same thing !
Would be awesome :D
Get it done fellas !
This is Def. Something i have always been looking forward to on the WoW mobile Armory. Not just to talk to players in my guild, But to talk to my friends on Real ID, Been playing for 5+ years. It would be a dream come true if this happened.
I came here to ask the same. I'd love to know when my realID friends are online so that I can log on and join them in WoW. Its the same purpose as the guild chat, but many of our friends are spread across different realms and we can't always be in the same guild. It would be nice to check the app to see who is online, ask if they want to group up for leveling, and immediately know which realm to log onto.
Alright well this topic is now over two years old. Any update Wilebosk? :D
Sitting on the toilet wondering about this.
Any update on this?

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