Absolute's recruiting melee DPS for 25M

Emerald Dream
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Just wanted to update that we've cleared 6/8Heroic on 10man two weeks straight. We've been running two sets of 10man groups as we refill our roster. We're still looking for more active raiders with experience and good attitudes. We're here to have fun and would love to have you.
Bump for returning to 25s
I don't raid... but when I do... I raid with Absolute.

See what I did there?
Pretty much open registration for all classes/specs (except priests and dps warriors).
Bump! We're looking for all classes!
Keeping 25 mans alive! /bump
bump, dinner and a movie this weekend Kinya?
oh hai thar
25s are dead. Though I still like ya.

25s are dead. Though I still like ya.


We actually got 29 level 90's out tonight don't tell anyone.
But elves count as only half a person, so you would have more like 15 actual people online.


We're in major need of melee!

Rogues, Ele Shaman, Feral Druids, Ret Pallies, Warriors all apply. Contact either Kinya or Morgganna in game if you have questions.

www.absolute-guild.com/forum - General Section has the thread on how to apply.
Oh the fun of 25 mans, after wrath 25 man mode just left such a bitter taste in my mouth. But I wish you luck Absolute.

P.s. Ianarion, it aeriku here, I hope we come across each other so I can give a few green tea leafs and an ax to the skull.
annnnnnd first page now, huzzah!
Er, my turn to bump.
Made a lot of progress in Mogu'Shan this week. Still in need of melee classes. Message me in game!
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bump, dinner and a movie this weekend Kinya?

Your treat? Why of course!
Bumpers was a rabbit

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