Absolute's recruiting melee DPS for 25M

Emerald Dream
DPS and Healing Monks are in high demand for us at the moment. If you are one, know one, know of one, might know one, or are thinking about one...let us know!
10/03/2012 09:00 AMPosted by Kinya
We're in major need of melee!

I'd never thought I'd see the day we'd say that
Updated for our current needs. Open recruitment for Shadow Priests and Moonkin.
Go go alliance 25 mans!! Need more of this on ED. Good luck with recruitment!
We still need people.
Absolute is a truly special guild; formed many years ago, it's been long-lived for a reason! Full of mature and respectable people, one can enjoy raiding in a professional yet enjoyable environment - no 'raging basement virgins' here!

Right now the guild is on the look-out for more people to help round out its 25-man roster. While the classes listed are certainly in need, I'd wager that any skilled fellow (or lady) who wants to apply themselves and give their best effort would be given a very fair shot, here!

Apply today!
(Intro Ad)

Tired of sitting in trade chat all day hoping for a Mogushan Vaults PUG to form?
Tired of feeling alone, isolated and feel like you just don't have a place in Azeroth?
Need that shoulder to cry on after a long day of dailies?
Do YOU need someone to listen to your problems with slightly-open ears?
Well, look no further!
<Absolute> is recruiting... uhh... whatever the title says! And we want you!
So stop lollygagging on the Stormwind fountain on raid nights and get in that raid like the champion you are!

(End Ad)
Special sauce.

We have it.

Come join one of the oldest (if not the oldest) successful 25-man raid guilds on the server!
Tap-tap for my fine friends in Absolute! Join today, and hang out with a special Gnome, such as myself. We like new friends, yes we do.
Ladies, gentlemen... Absolute!

*does a little dance*

Join today!

We are still recruiting most classes adn strong apps are always encouraged to apply. Come join a cool group of raiders and progress with one of the few good 25man alliance guilds on ED.
check out the beginning of this thread or go to Absolute-guild.com and apply today!
We're still in the market guys!
Here's a bump for the core group :)
Need monks too
11/19/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Morgganna
Need monks too
11/19/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Morgganna
Need monks too

What the hell is a monk?


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