RBG Strategies 4.3

::::RBG Strategies::::

.: Arathi Basin :.

Arathi Basin is a map in which there are five flags. The main strategy for this map is capture three point and hold on to them through out the game while having a rogue or some sort of stealth class try and ninja cap to gain a larger point lead incase one of your own points gets captured which will help buy time. This map requires allot of communication between the points and allot of AOE'ing on flags to prevent people from trying to cap the point while people are busy focusing one target. You must always keep a close eye on the flag and make sure your not being lured away from the flag to then be ninja capped.

Capture points:
-You will want to send a majority of your dps accompanied by two healers to Lumber Mill while sending you tank accompanied by two healers to Blacksmith to keep the enemy from capturing that point. Remember the aim at blacksmith is not to capture the point but to hold it till the group at Lumbermill cap which will then be followed by the mage giving the dps slowfall to help the capture of Blacksmith. While all this is going on you will want to send your rogue to either Mines or Stables, the decision to go to either of these points is dependent on how many people are estimated to be attacking Blacksmith and Lumbermill. The rogue may either use crowd control skills in order to cap or help the team instead if it seems impossible to cap either point.

-Once you have the three points. You will want to set your dps inbetween these nodes on the roads so that they can travel quicker to nodes with incoming attacks(Floating).

-General keep a hunter there or any class that is able to stay alive while more people arrive and can keep enemies of the flag. Call any incoming enemies and certain DPS will be told to pull from encounters allong witha healer if the number of incoming are large enough.

-Make sure your mage slow falls as fast as possible. It is possible to keep your boomy here and while everyone hits BS and the rogue goes around Ninja capping.

-The healer and the tank will be here preventing the cap, remember theyre only trying to prevent it from being capped not to try to cap it because most likely you will not succeed untill your full dps are there or unless they dont send anyone to Blacksmith.

The strategy can differ in difficulty level with the comps you will be using fo example using an elemental shaman and a
balance druid may prove to be easier to cap Lumbermill with the large amount of push abilities.
.:CTF Maps (Warsong Gulch/Twin Peaks):.

Generally keep the FC away from the mid fight untill he gets the flag with the holy paladin while everyone else initiates in mid. Once the FC has the flag meet up at mid to wipe/clear the team and send an offense to down the EFC.

Strat 1:Mid Battle
-Keep everyone at mid after your team has taken the flag and slowly wipe them out. While doing this time SB/Grips with the dps. Let the DK grip one target while the shaman places a grounding totem so as to prevent grips as well, everyone focuses the target being gripped to land a quick kill. Hard and quick switches win the game.

Strat 2:!@#$ Were Losing
-Keep the FC at the FR while everyone else hits and wipes the EFC. Use this strat when your falling behind on flag caps as they will most likely try and turtle. Why play defensive if your losing? This is the strat you run when your losing a game.

Dont be too hasty if you have just capped a flag and have 8 minutes left or less. Just turtle play it safe all stay on defence.

.:Battle For Gilnease:.

For this Map you will want to cap two flags and float inbetween keeping a class with a pet on one node while keeping the FC on the node closest to the opposite teams main spawn point area.

Strat 1:Rambo To Mine/LH
-This strat works so far at a 90% win rate as long as you dont have retards in your team.
-Send the FC with all the healers to WW, make it clear that their aim is to stay alive and AOE the flag in order to prevent a cap and stop them from peeling from WW.
-The Hunter stays at LH and the rest of the DPS hit mines.
-The dps head to Mine/LH through the back way and down the person at mine as fast as possible and stun at about 30% and let one person cap as soon as possible incase people have peeled from WW.
-Once flags have been capped keep the FC at the closest node to their main spawn point and keep the hunter/lock at the other node. Keep one healer on each node while all the dps and one healer float inbetween.
-Lastly insure that you are not overcommitting as they can easily hit another node and take it down with ease while a majority of the dps are on a different node.

Strat 2:Wipe WW
-This is the best strat however, Keep your FC/Warlock/Hunter at Mine/LH.
-Send the rogue to Mine/LH to ninja cap if not regroup with the team at WW.
-Send everyone else to WW to wipe them and start floating inbetween while keeping your FC/Warlock/Hunter at both WW and Mine/LH
.:Eye Of The Storm:.

Keep two people at the nodes closest to your side whether your playing from an alliance or horde side. Use your Warlock/Hunter or any other class you prefer to keep on the node.

Strat 1:Grip To Win
-Get your FC and Two healers (Hpally/Disc) to go mid and prevent mid cap.
-Rogue to Ninja cap nodes you arnt hitting
-Get the rest of dps to hit FR/DR depending on the side and get the DK to grip the guy trying to cap.
A DK will be the only class that can get there fast enough to grip the cap and the rest of the dps can down fast enough and cc any incoming opponents for a triple cap.
-After this keep the FC at the node on the oponent side and healers floating allong with dps. Keep on healer always inbetween the two nodes on your side.

Strat 2: Mid To Win
-Send everyone mid except the guys capping the nodes obviously. Wipe them out and get the flag and dont cap make sure not to stand near cap either.
-Rogue to Ninja cap nodes you arnt hitting
-Basically hold two bases and cap the flag at 1500 points.
-Point system as follows according to amount of nodes you control:
1 towers controlled = 75 points
2 towers controlled = 85 points
3 towers controlled = 100 points
4 towers controlled = 500 points

Quick calls and peels and switches wins the game. Also not overcommitting helps greatly.

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