sexy mail transmog

This xmog set was easy to find/buy, and I haven't seen anyone else wearing it...yet.
Here, but its unobtainable.


I have one of the vicious sets left, so neener neener >_>
Here, but its unobtainable.

Pff, I don't wanna look like shredder anyway.
I like taking most of a pre-made set then replacing just a few pieces to make it my own. For example right now on me, the mc set but with the shammy shoulder off of Curator (t2 recolor).

I think my fav skimpy on my worgen is a Light Grey and Tan set:

Mail combat legs, chest (can replace with any skimpy grey/brown top), tsunami boots (or other boot that hides on worgen) and the current honor pvp shoulder, belt, and glove. There's plenty of grey/tan ranged weapons, shouldn't have any trouble spotting one from the ah or go seek out a wrath-era quest bow. I like to use grey or light brown fur with this set, picture available here (

If you like green/yellow I'm sure you could do something similar with "Captain's" legs which are the same model.

If you want something you can just farm/collect that you don't see everywhere, the Protector set from AQ is pretty without being too popular. (

I'm still missing belt and gloves so I'm using Fortified pieces to fill. I chose Warpwood bow from Dire Maul to complete :)
I just got a hunter to 40, and got a mail leg armor piece with AGIL, and then got a nice looking piece for transmorg. It was a very skimpy legging piece. There seem to be enough of those in mail. I even did a 5-man dungeon (Mauradon I think) and got Elemental Rockridge Leggings, which are very skimpy. I was going to use that, but the piece is in white, and for now, I don't have a lot that matches.

I may get tired of this after the newness wears off. Or, I may end up being one of those people who collects umpteen armor sets . . .
Who has two thumbs, and a super sexy xmog?... This guy! *Gives double thumbs up*
(Same poster as Buffysbanker). Here's my hunter. I just got started with mail and transmorg. I do think there is plenty available in mail if you want a sexy look. A lot of it boils down to the leg armor and the chest armor. I start with the leg armor, and build around it.

If you don't want a sexy look, that's fine, although this thread is about sexy if I recall!
Mine. /Thread
Updated my look after spending a small fortune on the boots. It was hard finding matching boots! Well, I didn't want to wait until level 90 before I came across something! I also looked around awhile to find shoulders that were not too large looking, I didn't want that.

There are different looks, I am obviously going for sexy and sleek with my female hunter. Other people like to look more dangerous/imposing.

I may try a female bloodelf hunter at some point. I did try a female nightelf hunter briefly, but went to to human female. It depends how exotic you want to look. Dranei look very exotic, if you don't mind the tail . . .
Some of my favorite sets-
Glimmering/Battleforge (played out though)

Mix-and-match the pieces for a more unique transmog. Some of those sets are a very low droprate, so it might be hard to find if you're not on a high pop server
I like this one, kinda goes with the whole Blood Elf theme =P
Not too original, but after I went with this xmog I've never gone back to anything else.
I like being badass. D:
Minus my shoulders at the moment but ;D
I like this one.
Lord's Breastplate with Mail Combat Leggings, and use gloves, boots, shoulders and belt to blend the sets. Then race/faction transfer to female Draenei. Woof! K, there ya go.
05/17/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Shaysu
add-on called MogIt... decide for yourself!

Thank you very much! :)
I've always loved BC, favorite expansion and best looking gear...Once I get this toon geared I'll probably use t1 arena gear or something.

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