ATTN D3 Players On Shattered Hand

Shattered Hand
Alright, so since lack of playing Wow, and an abundance of gold. I will be offering WOW gold for D3 Gold. If you are interested in this post here or send me a ingame mail to ShortBusCrew (alliance side)

If your horde, we can do this through the neutral AH, but you'll be taking the cut.

You can add me on D3

What exchange rate?
What do you think is fair?
Hard to say with the economy currently being influx just from the power levelers, but 50k to 1k is about the same amount of effort in Hell mode, imo.

I'd be willing to make the same kind of deal with any alliance players who want to make some WoW gold at that rate (sorry horde, neutral AH is too much effort for me)
I will be interested in this, just send me a in-game mail and perhaps we can figure out a long term deal? D3 gold doesn't mean much to me haha. I like to hoard it.
Also quite interested. Let me know!
adding me to friends on D3 is the easiest way guys, and kesha, im alliance, but the character selection won't let me log on shortbuscrew. But then again my tier 3 is so sexy
If you can send me a ingame mail of your real id or D3 id so i can contact you guys to either Tartcartcrew horde side or Shortbuscrew alliance side, this will make it a lot easier.
And you guys are nearly fking impossible to get a hold of, if anyone else is actually wanting to do this deal, let me know, all my ingame info has been posted, very easy to get to me. Others above are apparently lazy or dont care enough.

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