Am I Merkx?

Burning Legion
To all the esandies....No I am not its just a baus transmog.

Highest 3 man team rating 2,383

Sub 2400 as a rogue in cata? And that was as thug cleave? At least ur a hero among the 2200 forum dwellers! Bottom barrel duelist INC! you and lilbubheelz need to uninstall
LOL borrawin has achieved more in this game as a WARRIOR vs a CATA ROGUE. borrawin has achieved more in this game as a WARRIOR vs a CATA ROGUE.
Exactly Jaron! So shush your mouth!
borrawin youve posted in this so many times its funny

and crap theres no other jaron whos a rogue and higher rated than me :(
L2Name yoself

Fish and other things caught 10,484

Those hours of fishing...i feel bad for you
My point being this thread is stupid. Stop comparing your epeens. The bottom line you spend 25 hrs of playtime on WoW and the other guy spends the same amount of time. Either way you both are spending tons of time on a video game. We are all nerds so !@#$. Cool so-and-so is 2700 well guess what im only 1900 who gives a %^-* i have caught more fish then both of you combined 4 times over. So there im Salty and you can lick my Salty Nuts because i have that pet to.

This has been real talk with Bayda

I wanna give a shout out to Korean SC2 players....why????? because this is WoW forums and i can say whatever i want.

Casey Anthony 2012!!!!!

whoa were not showing our epeens just borrawin has this life long troll to be merkx (so he copied his gear) and then i got called out for not being 2400 in cata and i was just showing hes not merkx! DUH BAYDA L2 UNDERSTAND
why he has to make a thread about it I HONESTLY, DONT KNOW. wait, this thought has eluded me until this present moment. you've fished almost 11k times? do you like do that while waiting for raids or were farming for the sea turtle that hard or what O.o
I wish cancer was airborne.
Was bored, nothing to do =( and I cant even max my fishing screw that.
05/31/2012 11:30 PMPosted by Santapants
I wish cancer was airborne.
Careful what you wish for there bucko.
Who is this Borra guy I see so many people talking to on these forums? Thats not even me...
Nice try, Borrawin.

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