[H-PvP] Beers and Bgs [25] (Recruiting)

Emerald Dream
Morg smash!
Very fun, very active Guild.
Going to need more guildies to sign up for the Outland Derby. =]
We have officially done 10m DS 8/8 normal. Goodjob guys and gratz on your achievs. (ROFL most of us were in pvp gear).
Eyyyy, when I be bumpin' inda one of dese guys dey seem like quality mens n' womens. Why jus dis mornin' Wiegott is Tol Barad see n three dwarves run up da him only da get punched right in da face.

yea dat's right, punch-in-da-face cleave? He's got it.

Dey little beards went flyin' halfway across da isle wid one right hook, fuggedaboutit!

If WSB or WSL ain' fa you, i'd recommends checkin dese guyz out, truly.

Come help us smash more alliance!
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So this is where you've been.
ORREN!!!! Whats up man. Yea i had to quit for a while cuz of school then i came back and swapped server to play with louca cuz he came here....I'll be heading back to school soon and prob wont be able to play again till winter break and then wen im done with the school year.

P.S. BUMP!!!!
Oh? Louca is there?

Did he ever bother to level his professions?

Not to sure if you know (you probably do) Innuendo is completely dead. Though CSS is still going strong on this world pvp heaven of a server, at least until Mist anyway. Should hop on your druid every now and then. I've been more flexible with RealID, I'll try and look for your email address tonight and add you.

Good to hear you're still in school, this year, I've been in school most of the year all around. (presently taking a summer class)

I sent Matt an email the other day, how's he doing?

Yea Louca is over here hes the reason i came over. And his shammy is still ally he plays his pally now, but his shammy if im not mistaken still has no proffs lol. Yea i knew innuendo was dead already, and good to hear CSS is still going. If ur still looking to be in a pvp guild and do some pve you should look into coming here, although i will be leaving for school in roughly 3 weeks the guild is a great bunch of people, mainly focus on wpvp rbgs and arena but when mist hits i believe some pve will be added as well. Pretty equal pop too so thats always nice. Alot of wpvp large and small scale stuff.

Matt is doing good but hes given up on wow all together, hes now working two jobs and really has no time to ever play. But yea i'll be done with school after this year and if mist is any good i'll be back around December for winter break and may after school is done.
More disc priests!!!

Need new recruits for MoP.

Need all classes but mainly (in priority Greatest to Least:
Skilled players
Disc Priests
Shadow Priests
Popping in to Bump the thread and check in on things. Hopefully the guild is doing well because i have been hearing some iffy things like wieg possibly stopping cause of school and the guild slowing down and becoming less active. Hopefully this is not the case and when Mist hits you guys will be pushing rating just as much as we did this summer. If all goes well and Mist plays out well I will be back Winter break to give it a go then by the time summer hits i'll be done with college and will be playing more actively.....Btw if your recruiting priests make sure they hold up the standards i left =P. I'll be checking in every so often to see how things are going.

All the best and hopefully we'll be !%!*** alongside each other come December,

Bumpity bump. Need more people for Rbgs.
This is a very laid back Guild, very friendly yet competitive. I've been in a lot of Guilds but this one grows a good bond and relationship between it's members. Also looking for more 2.2k rated members to join.
Bump: Need motivated players.

Currently in need of 2k/2.2k:


Priest heals

FC - Blood Dk, Tank Druid

Fire Mage
Bump. I remember when I was in here, you all were level 7. Now look at you all. Got your big boy pants on! :DD
Bump: Need motivated players.

Currently in need of 2k/2.2k:


Mellee dps

Priest heals/Monk

FC - Blood Dk, Tank Druid

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